Dried shrimp are shrimp that have been sun-dried and shrunk to a thumbnail size. Fishermen make dry shrimp which get from the sea. It combied with Shrimp and salt by drying with sunlight. Local people of fishery area produce dried Shrimp. Burmese cuisine, dried shrimp is called bazun-chauk and is used widely in cooking, such as salads, soups and condiments. It is primarily used along the coast and coastal ethnic minorities' cuisines. It will take within 1 week to get dry shrimp in hot season. In the rainy season, it will take more time than hot season. It can be used making salad, curry and vegetables fried in Myanmar. It is useful for households. Housewife need dried shrimp in making curry. Most of the guest like to buy dried shrimp for a present.

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