My Local Passion is a group of independent young women, tourism professionals with strong digital marketing skills,  from different parts of Myanmar and different ethnic backgrounds. We inspire national and international readers with real life stories about woman, youth, sustainability and local businesses. We show, promote & support Myanmar’s culture, ethnic traditions & tourism destinations, its people and small local businesses.
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Thadingyut Festival 2023: Your Ultimate Guide

Thadingyut - Twinkling Festival of Lights in Myanmar

Inle Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival

Delightful Housewarming Festival of Kayah ethnic

A fruit stall in Pyin oo Lwin, Myanmar: the owner's story

Inspiring Story of Clay Pot Shop Owner


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လွမ်းဆွတ်ဖွယ်ကလေးဘဝ၏ ဒေသစာ (၅)မျိုး


ခေတ်စားလာ‌သော ဘေဈေးကွက်

တစ်မူထူးခြား ပြည်တွင်းဖြစ်အထည်များ