Yangon is the big commercial city in Myanmar. Yangon is bordered by bago region to the north and east, the Gulf of Martaban to the south and Ayeyarwady region to the west. Shwedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda, Kandawgyi Lake, Central Yangon heritage buildings , Maha Bandula Park are top attraction places in Yangon city. The journey from Mandalay to Yangon by train takes about 16 hours. You can arrive easily by bus from different parts of Myanmar. The current metro area population of Yangon in 2022 is 5,514,000 ,a 1.7% increase from 2021. The List of ethnicities are Bamar, Burmese chinese, Burmese Indians, Chin, Rakhine, Mon, Karen, Shan, Kayah , Kachin. The religion of yangon citizens are Buddhism 91% Islam 4.7% ,Christianity 3.2%, Hinduism 1.0% ,Others 0.1% .

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You can visit to Yangon all year round because of it alive attractions every day. Visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda which is the landmark of Yangon

Why you should visit here?

  1. The Sule Pagoda is located in downtown Yangon and is a must-visit attraction for tourists. The pagoda was built in the lifetime of the Gautama Buddha, about 2500 years ago. Sule is one of several landmarks in an amazing collection that sits near the round about. Before getting in, you have to put your shoes on the shelves near the entrance.
  2. Shwedagon is the most important Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar and is believed to contain relics of the four Buddhas of the present age: a staff, a water filter, a piece of robe, and eight strands of hair. According to historians, the pagoda was probably built between the sixth and tenth centuries. Shwedagon Pagoda Festival is held in February or March. Many Burmese people come to this festival to take part in ceremonies and activities.
  3. The National Museum is located in Dagon Township, Yangon. It is for Burmese art, history and culture in Myanmar. It was founded in 1952, the five-storey museum has an extensive collection of ancient artifacts, ornaments, work of art, inscriptions and historic memorabilia, related to history, culture and civilization of Burmese people. There are more than 4000 permanent objects in the museum.
  4. The Secretariat compound is one of the most significant historic places in Myanmar. The site consists of three sets of buildings, the main U-shaped Secretariat building itself built between the 1880 and 1905 years. The site has two main dimensions of spatial significance. Firstly, its grand exterior centered along a north-south axis, within generous gardens. The repetitive grand facades and towers, face main public streets and are the aspects of the building most people would be familiar with. The Secretariat Complex can tell the story of Burma and modern Myanmar in a way that no other place can.
  5. Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple is known for having a statue of a reclining Buddha which is 217 foot long and is one of the largest in Myanmar. This is one of the most beautiful Buddha statues in this part of the world and the attention to detail that was put into this monument is amazing. The face was worked on several times as it was said to look too severe when it was first made, and you can now enjoy all the intricate details and design touches up close.

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Best Time to Visit

Yangon is a hot city and has very little change in temperature around the year. The best time to visit Yangon from June to August. The temperature is slightly high but less rain. We can visit Yangon this time without any problem. In this months, hotels and lodges will give to you great promotion deals.

How to get there

Yangon International Airport  is the country's main gateway for domestic and international air travel. The airport has three terminals, known as T1, T2 and T3. Highway buses to other cities depart from Dagon Ayeyar Highway Bus Terminal for Irrawaddy delta region and Aung Mingala Highway Bus Terminal for other parts of the country. The Yangon Central Railway Station was built and designed in a traditional Burmese architectural style which makes it an excellent spot for taking photographs.

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Ayeyarwady Region is flanked by the Rakhine Yoma range in the west. The capital city is Pathein. The residents of Ayeyarwady are Burmese people( Rakhine, Indians, Kayin. There are famous places to visit like Chaungtha, NgweSaung ,Lovers Island, Goyangyi Island, Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary, Bird Island, Thameehla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary...etc,.
Bago is a region in Myanmar located close to Yangon region.BagoCity , formerly known as Hanthawaddy the name of a Burmese-Mon Kingdom is the capital city of Bago region.The Burmese name Bago is derived from the Mon language place name Bagaw.It is located 80 kilometres north-east of Yangon.
Kayin is a state located in southeastern Myanmar. It is bordered by Thailand to the east, Bago Region to the north, Kayah State to the south, and Shan State to the west. The region has an area of 11,700 square kilometers and a population of approximately 1.5 million people
The region is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups, including the Mon, Karen, and Bamar peoples. The state capital, Moulmein, is a major trading hub and the largest city in the Mon State. The region is renowned for its production of teak lumber and rubber, as well as its stunning temples and scenic coastline. In recent years, the Mon State has experienced rapid economic growth, due in part to foreign investment. With its rich culture and natural beauty, the Mon State is an increasingly popular destination for tourists from all over the world.