The area of Ayeyarwady Region is 35,140 square kilometres and it is composed of 6 Districts and 26 Townships. Ayeyarwaddy is bordered by Bago region to the north, Bago Region and Yangon region to the east and the Bay of Bengal  to the south and west. The capital city is Pathein and other popular cities are Hinthada, Pyapon, Zalun, Maubin, Pantanaw. The capital city of Ayeyarwady was once populated with many Arabic and Indian traders. Tourists can travel around the city by bus, and even boat. Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung beaches are popular resorts for both foreigners and the local people. Ayeyarwady is a large agricultural centre, accounting for about 35% of the country's rice production. People in Ayeyarwady Region belong to several ethnic groups like Bamar, Rakhine, Indians, and Kayin. Common religions are Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. According to the 2014 ,the population more than 6.5 million.  Minority religious communities include Buddhism (92.1%), Christians (6.3%), Muslims (1.4%), and Hindus (0.1%) who collectively comprise the remainder of Ayeyarwady Region’s population.

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You should visit to Ayeyarwaddy region because there are many beautiful beaches and islands.

Why you should visit here?

  1. The Ayeyarwady region has beautiful destinations, magnificent beaches, green paddy fields and amazing Islands.
  2. Goyangyi Kyun is a Island and is located in Ayeyarwaddy Region. It is a beautiful island and it becomes a tourist destination due to its beautiful rock formation and reefs.
  3. Bo Myat Tun Bridge, the national strength and pride of Myanmar Bo Myat Tun Bridge is the longest one out of the bridges already built so far in Myanmar of the over-180 foot long bridges. This bridge is one of the toursit attraction .
  4. Gaw Yin Gyi Island is an island in Ayeyarwady Region in South West Myanmar. Myawaddy Pagoda on the top of Gaw Yin Gyi Island is the best view point to see the sea beauty and surrounding area. It is a tourist destination due to its beautiful rock formation and reefs. It is located near Nanthapu village, Ngayokekaung sub-township, Pathein. You can't get directly there because of poor infrastructure, there are two buses running directly to Gaw Yan Gyi and the bus is quite cheap. On the island you can enjoy half-day boat trip to near islands, buy some local made sea shell souvenir and try to taste Burmese style spicy sea food salads with coconut juice.
  5. Mawtinzun Pagoda, officially known as the Mahāmakuṭaraṃsi Hsandawshin Myat Mawtin Pagoda, is a Buddhist pagoda in Ngapudaw Township, Ayeyarwady Region. Mawtinsun Pagoda is one of the most attractive religious places for Myanmar people. It is a pagoda that is usually visited not only by local pilgrims but also by international tourists. The Pagoda festival is celebrated every March. Visit to Mawtinsun Pagoda by boat from Pathein over thirty years ago.

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Tips on what kind of food to buy when you are visiting Ayeyarwaddy region

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Ayeyarwaddy region is between November to February as the weather is neither too hot to walk around nor too cold to journey on foot. The raining season is no good because no one wants to hang out on the beaches.

How to get there

Travelers can easy accept about two hours by  car from Yangon region. There are 2 ways to get from Yangon to Ayeyarwady region by bus or car.

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Yangon is a region in Lower Myanmar bordered by the Gulf of Martaban. A mix of British colonial architecture, modern high-rises and gilded Buddhist pagodas define its skyline. Yangon is the most popular city and its most important commercial centre. Yangon is the most developed region of the country and the main international gateway. The population is 7.361 million (2014)with an area of 10,277 km².
Bago is a region in Myanmar located close to Yangon region.BagoCity , formerly known as Hanthawaddy the name of a Burmese-Mon Kingdom is the capital city of Bago region.The Burmese name Bago is derived from the Mon language place name Bagaw.It is located 80 kilometres north-east of Yangon.


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Rakhine (formerly Arakan) is a state in Myanmar. It is located on the western coast of the country, and consists of the Rakhine Yoma mountain range, as well as the coastal plains. The capital city is Sittwe.