Kayin State was formerly known as Kayin State, which is the Myanmar country's tiniest state. Kayin State is mountainous with the Dawna Range running along the state in a NNW - SSE direction and the southern end of the Karen Hills in the northwest. Kayin State is a lovely and distinctive travel destination in Myanmar. For those who enjoy nature and adventure, it is ideal.Tourism is one of the main economies of Kayin State. And also Karen State is a farming state. Currently, there are over 460,000 acres of paddy fields and 260,000 acres of rubber tree plantations in Karen State. There is over 9000 acres of coffee land in Thandaung area. Getting to Kayin State is simple since it is accessible by air, road, and railway. Karen State is served by Hpapun Airport and Hpa-An Airport but none of those are currently used for public transportation.

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Kayin region is one of the most popular travel destination in Myanmar for both local and international tourists.  Kayin offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors, from exploring ancient temples to hiking through beautiful natural scenery.

Why you should visit here?

  1. The state capital and largest city is Hpa-an, which is also Kayin State's capital and chief metropolis. The picturesque beauty of Hpa-An has made it famous throughout Burma. This region is recognized for its spectacular cave systems, thus if you enjoy exploring caves, this should be on your list
  2. The Myawaddy region is well-known for the crocodile temple (Myikyaungon in Burmese), a stunning construction with a 65m-long crocodile shape structure. A colossal standing Buddha. The Golden Bell Tower Complex has a neat entry portal.Outdoor market In 1994, it was established. If you want to try Myawaddy's traditional tea and coffee or local Burmese cuisine, go to Khit Lay (noodle and tea) on Bokyok Street near Shwe Minn Wun Pagoda.
  3. Hpa-pun is on the east side of the Yunzalin River. It was formerly one of the headquarters of the Karen National Union and the Karen National Liberation Army. The Papun Airport is also located nearby.
  4. Hiking, Swimming, Caves and temples, National parks- Kayin cuisine can do in Kayin-state.
  5. Kawkareik is a Karen village in Kawkareik Township, Burmese pronunciation: S'gaw Karen. Kawkareik is the largest settlement in Karen.

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A Paradise for Nature Lovers: Hpa-an

If you are looking for a place to visit in the rainy season, Hpa-An should definitely be on your list. The natural beauty of the area is amplified by the mist and rain, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. Check this out for more info

Three Types of Activities To Do in Kayin

Explore the attractions of Hpa-An, Kayin State that you might not know before.

Traditional Foods of Kayin State, Myanmar

Kayin people from Myanmar love to eat and share their traditional Kayin food. In this article from My Local Passion, local Kayin reporter Ri Cho advises you on what and where to eat.


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Best Time to Visit

Kayin State has tropical monsoon climate and the  best time to visit this region Kayin State in Myanmar is from January until April and October until December, when you will have a hot temperature and limited till mediocre rainfall, making it ideal for exploring the region's many attractions. In January or in December is  also a good time to visit if you want to see the region's famous festivals, such as Kayin New Year Day festival celebrations. The easiest way to get to Kayin Region is by flying into Hpa-An  Airport. There are a few ways to get to Kayin Region.  You can fly into  Hpa-An Airport, which is the capital city of Kayin Region. You can also take a bus or train from Yangon or Mandalay .Kayin region has a lot of activities.. There is much to see and explore so make sure to add it to your travel list!

How to get there

The most popular option is to rent a car or motorbike and drive yourself. This gives you the flexibility to explore at your own pace and make stops along the way.

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Surrounding Regions

The region is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups, including the Mon, Karen, and Bamar peoples. The state capital, Moulmein, is a major trading hub and the largest city in the Mon State. The region is renowned for its production of teak lumber and rubber, as well as its stunning temples and scenic coastline. In recent years, the Mon State has experienced rapid economic growth, due in part to foreign investment. With its rich culture and natural beauty, the Mon State is an increasingly popular destination for tourists from all over the world.
Bago is a region in Myanmar located close to Yangon region.BagoCity , formerly known as Hanthawaddy the name of a Burmese-Mon Kingdom is the capital city of Bago region.The Burmese name Bago is derived from the Mon language place name Bagaw.It is located 80 kilometres north-east of Yangon.


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Mandalay, the former royal capital of Myanmar, is located on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River in central Myanmar. It is the second largest city of Myanmar and also the economic center of Myanmar. Mandalay is famous for Mandalay Palace, where evidence of the rich history can be found.