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Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a Southeast Asian country that is rich in culture and history. Myanmar is home to many ancient temples and pagodas, as well as beautiful landscapes. Myanmar has something to offer everyone, from the beaches of the Andaman Sea to the mountains of the Himalayas. Myanmar is a country that is off the beaten path, but definitely worth a visit. Myanmar is a truly unique country and we encourage everyone to add it to their travel list. Underneath a selection of stories about Myanmar created by the My Local Passion team.

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Beauty and Popularity of Myanmar Seasonal Flowers

Myanmar's twelve months are characterized by matching certain types of blooming plants depending upon seasonal timing. Tap to learn more...

Traditional Burmese Desserts You Must Try

If you're looking for a perfect end of a heavy Burmese style meal, we selected the best traditional Burmese desserts for you!!

Discovering seven hidden beaches of Myanmar in 2022

Among the best beaches of Myanmar, this article has described about the seven hidden beaches of Myanmar in 2022.

Discover the different styles of tea leaf salad in Myanmar

Read all about Myanmar's Traditional Tea Leaf Salads.

Unique jewelry brands in Myanmar

Finding Luxury brands of jewelry in Myanmar ? HERE to check it!

Myanmar Christmas Traditions - How We Celebrate

Learn about Christmas Traditions in Myanmar and how the people in the different regions celebrate during the festive season.

Must-try Traditional Food of Myanmar

If you are looking for a truly authentic taste of Myanmar traditional food, be sure to try Mohinga, tea leaf salad, Shan noodle, Burmese tea, and Mone Lone Yay Paw which are all described in this yummy article.

Five Unique and Trendy Local Clothing Brands in Myanmar

Five local brands in Myanmar that make unique and trendy clothes, along with information on how and why you should support local Myanmar clothing brands. 

Planetary Posts and Myanmar People Faith

The Myanmar astrology belief in the posts represents the planets. Each post represents a day in the week a person was born on. Each post has its name as well as age based upon where they stand around the pagoda. The posts are situated at every corner of the stupa and have mythological animals carved into them for good luck according to those who believe it will protect you during your journey through life!

Is Travelling Trendy Again in Myanmar?

This article describes the tourism situation and perspectives of Myanmar people during COVID-19 and the political crisis.

Second Hand Clothes, Vintage Fashion Markets in Myanmar

Read about the rising Myanmar vintage fashion business that became popular during the double crisis of Covid-19 and the political tensions.

Rise of Local Online Businesses during Covid-19

Check out Nice Local Products in Myanmar and explore how local markets emerge during COVID-19...

Funeral rituals and traditions of Myanmar

This article will give you insight into the most common funeral customs and the Buddhist funeral culture in Myanmar.





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