Kayah State is located in the eastern part of Myanmar. It is also called "Karenni State" which is the name formerly given to a group of States that included Kanarawadi, Kyebogyi and Bawlakhe. It is bounded on the north by Shan State, on the east by Thailand's Mae Hong Son Province, on the south and west by Kayin State. The state is divided into 2 districts (Bawlakhe in the south and Loikaw in the north) which are divided into 7 townships with 106 awards and villages.

Loikaw is the capital city of Kayah State. Kayah has different types of tribes which are Kayah, Kayan, Kayaw, Yinbaw, Yintale, Geko, Geba, and Manumanaw. The people in the State practice Buddhism, Christianity and animism. Despite being the smallest state in Myanmar, Kayah is mighty in size when it comes to diversity and amazing travel experience. Closed from visitors for nearly 50 years, the state’s reopening has allowed it to flourish as a hidden gem of Myanmar that shines with authenticity.

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Because of the current political situation, it needs to wait to visit.

Why you should visit here?

  1. Kayah is home to nine different groups, giving ample opportunities for tourist to discover the cultures and heritages. Kayah people are animists and believe in spirits.
  2. There is a hydroelectric production dam in Kayah called " Lawpita Dam", built in 1950 as a bilateral reparation agreement with Japan. It produces a quarter of the total hydroelectric power generation in Myanmar.
  3. The Kayah people are known to dress in bright and red-colored attire while the kayans are easily recognized from the brass rings they wear in their neck.
  4. The humble town provides warm local hospitality and memorable hands-on experiences with the tribes through the Community Based Tourism initiatives.
  5. There are four CBT villages in Kayah State, Pan Pet village, Hta Nee La Leh village, Htay Kho village and Daw Ta Ma Gyi village.

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Delightful Housewarming Festival of Kayah ethnic

Explore the vibrant culture of the Kayah ethnic group in Myanmar through their enchanting housewarming festival. Discover age-old traditions, rituals, and the warm hospitality that make this event a unique cultural experience. Join us in uncovering the rich heritage of the Kayah people in Kayah State

A must try: kayah sausages and wine

As Kayah has a diverse culture and rich traditions, there are some traditional foods and drinks that one must try if you are a first time visitor. This includes Kayah Traditional Sausages and Wine. Kayah Sausages is famous for its taste of the secret ingredient. What is included in the secret ingredient and how do they make it? Let's find out!!

Myanmar’s culture, ethnic tradition of Kayah State

Kayah State is the smallest one of Myanmar’s 14 states and regions, but has an amazing variety of landscapes due to its geographical location. The area is 11,731 km2.

Ngi Mu Natural Dye and Textiles

Ngi Mu natural dye and textiles is located in Bethlem village, Demoso Township in Kayah State. There are ethnic groups in Kayah State. Kayan is one of the ethnic groups among them. You can know the tribe based on their name for example; the name of a kayah lady ends with Myar or Moe and the name of a man normally ends with Reh for Kayah tribe. It is the same for the Kayan tribe. The founder of Ngi Mu is from the Kayan tribe and the name given is her kayan name. 


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Best Time to Visit

The weather of Kayah State is pleasant and wonderful. In winter, the weather is cold and it is good for hiking because it is not too hot. For those who enjoys to visit to the villages, winter will be the best time. There will be hot in summer  but it is still good to visit around and good for side seeing from the top of the Taung Gwe Pagoda in the evening. You can also visit to waterfalls and cave in that season. Thus, the best time to visit to Kayah State is from October to May. However, rainy season is also a great season for those who like rainy.

How to get there

There are many ways to get to Kayah State. We can get there by Flight, Bus, and Car. Flight from Loikaw connected with Yangon, Heho, and Naypyitaw. Bus is available to all regions.

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Surrounding Regions

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