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Tanintharyi Myanmar

Tanintharyi is located in the Southern part of Myanmar. It is surrounded by mountains, islands, beaches, waterfalls, hot springs and historical pagodas. The capital city Tanintharyi region is Dawei. The residents of Tanintharyi are Burmese people ( Dawei, Myeik and Moken (Salone) ). Tanintharyi has three districts which are Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung. The neighboring country is Thailand and Kawthaung is the entry point of Thailand (Ranaung).

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How We Make The Delicious Myanmar Ngapi : Shrimp & Fish Paste

Delicious Ngapi is made with small shrimps and fish. To obtain Ngapi, local people salt fish and small shrimps, dry salted fish and shrimp under the sun and pound them in a mortar. The duration of fermentation to get Ngapi takes 3 to 5 months which will vary according to different types of Ngapi. Some Ngapi makers add a little oil or salt to the paste to help preserve it, while others allow it to ferment naturally. For more information, see here....

Famous Shin Koe Shin Pagodas in Dawei

Shin Koe Shin Pagodas are unique 9 pagodas in Dawei. If you visit Dawei, you should visit Shin Koe Shin Pagodas and you can study the histories and architecture of Shin Koe Shin Pagodas. When most people visit Dawei, they first go to Shin Koe Shin pagodas. And then, they go to the beaches, islands, and other destinations.

Day Trip to Islands in Myeik Archipelago

Myeik is an island-hopping paradise and it is very popular for trips to Myeik Mergui archipelago. The average price of one island trip in Myeik archipelago is about 70,000 MMK or approximately 40 USD per one person. Check here for more info........

Must Visit Fisherman Village of Tizit

Tizit village is located in Launglone Township, Dawei District, Tanintharyi region. It is about 20 miles or approximately 32.1 km from Dawei. Tizit village is surrounded by mountains, beaches and waterfalls.

Natural Hot Springs in Tanintharyi

Tanintharyi region is the best place for nature lovers as it has many tourist destinations. If you visit the Tanintharyi region, you should go to hot springs to get good blood circulation, relax your body and get good skin. When you relax your body by enjoying nature at hot springs, you can calm your mind and then lose stress from something else.

Nga Pi (Shrimp & Fish Paste) Market in Dawei

Nga Pi is mostly made with small shrimps and it sometimes contains small fish. Local people salt small fish and tiny shrimps, place them in the sun and then pound them in a mortar to make Nga Pi. The pot's ferment duration to obtain Nga Pi takes 3 to 4 months. Check here for more info.......

Dawei Traditional Food: Mote Latt Thouk

Dawei the capital of Tanintharyi region in the south east of Myanmar is surrounded by mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and historical pagodas. But also home to the traditional Dawei food: Mote Latt Thouk. When you visit Dawei, you should try Dawei Mote Latt Thouk find out more about this delicious food in this article.

Fishery Village of San Hlan in Dawei

You can do such activities as learning about the fishery, hiking to mountains, relaxing at the CBT sites, and traveling to hidden beaches and islands in one place. If you are interested, you can read the full version...

Kalonehtar Community Based Tourism

At Kalonehtar CBT site, travelers can do activities like going around traditional medicines (herbage) garden, trekking across the green wood, eating lunch near the stream, doing some services at hot spring and visiting to souvenir shops to buy local products and drinking organic fruit juices.

Boat Day Trip to Moscos Islands

The Moscos Islands are located in the Andaman Sea sea in front of Launglon Township, Dawei District, in the south-east of Myanmar. Is the best place for Snorkeling when you stay in Dawei, the Capital city of the Tanintharyi Region.

Edible Bird Nest from Myanmar

Edible bird nest is a high-value nutrition supplement that is obtained from the edible bird nest swiftlet. It is also known as the white-nest swiftlet which is a small bird of the swift family which is found in South-East Asia. Read more about this fascinating traditional food from Tanintharyi.

5 Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss in Dawei

On the Dawei peninsula, white sand beaches are easily accessible with a car or motorbike within an hour drive or less.

Amazing Mountain Views of Dawei

Taung Moe Taung Mountain is the easiest and simplest to reach for hiking within 17 minutes drive from Dawei with amazing views.

The Handicraft Couple from Dawei

Learn how the lamp and natural fabric dye handicraft couple from Dawei, Myanmar turned their hobby into a business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Street Vendor Life in Dawei during Covid & Crisis

Although street vendors play an important role in the local economy in Dawei, nowadays, their sales are down and they are facing a lot of challenges and also struggling very hard to survive due to the Covid and Crisis.



Restaurants in Tanintharyi offer a delicious array of dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From fresh seafood to traditional Burmese curries, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And with so many restaurants to choose from, you'll never be bored with your options. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Tanintharyi has the perfect restaurant for you. So come and explore all that this region has to offer culinarily! You won't be disappointed.



Looking for a place to stay in Tanintharyi ? Check out our selection of hotels! Whether you're looking for luxury accommodations or a simple room to rest your head, we've got you covered. Our hotels are selected by our locality managers who live in Tanintharyi. The rating you see is based on who owns the hotel, there sustainable practices, and their impact on youth, women and communities. If you have feedback about one of our hotels please do contact us.


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