Fish Cracker

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Fish cracker is kind of snack making up with fish. It is from fish in sea water. It includes fish, Soda, farina, egg, onion, garlic and ginger. Local people make fish, Soda, farina, egg, onion, garlic and ginger mixed together them. All the ingridients distil them  in pressure-cooker and then it put about 45 mins in the fridge. After then people cut it as slices and dry under the sun. Its taste is nutty and it can eat everyone. It can use as a present of local product. It will takes about 3 days to make. It can be eaten as a snack with juices and soft drinks. It can consume as a snack by child, women, men and elder people.

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The price of fish cracker is between 1200Ks to 2000Ks for 1 package (small, medium, large) and 1 Viss is about 20000Ks.