Hakha Donut

Hakha Donut is only available at Hakha. It can be consumed with Tea or Coffee at every teashop in Hakha. It is from Western Tradition. The last American Baptist Missionary Couple taught a family who helped them for the households how to make a donut. That family now make the market expand and spread it to every teashops in the town. Even Falam and Thantlang townships ordered the donut for their teashops. It is made mainly with Flour, Egg, Soda, Baking Powder, milk. A family who worked for the Last American baptist missionary Couple, Robert G and Elizabeth Johnsons. It is available only at Hakha, and also good for persons who have diabetes and hypertension diseases. It can also be bought at Hakha Donut Shop as a souvenir. It is availale everyday. It is a snack. Usually consume with Milk, Tea and Local Coffee. Local people usually have their breakfast with pieces of Donut and cup of Coffee or Tea daily. Some have it as their lunch.

Target Customer

Everybody can eat.

Remark -
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Mainly at Hakha Donut Shop and every tea shop and cafe' in hakha
Indicative Price -
1= 300mmk - can also be bought with box