Kayin traditional dress

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Traditional dress patterns of Kayin are used to create modern clothing items. Most designs may be worn by anybody and make a daily outfit. It's made in Kayin State.

Types of fabrics used to make the dress are varied from price. For example : silk, ceylon and mixed fabrics. There are many traditional designs that people can choose from. The cloth is usually brightly coloured with a variety of patterns. Mostly, local people from ethnic groups in Kayin weave and sew them. As it is derived from local traditional clothing, it is not only popular among locals but also among tourists visiting Kayin. They're simple to wear, and they make wonderful gifts. It takes at least one week to make ready to wear clothes. Local people wear authentic tradition dresses on special occasions. Also, everyone can wear Kayin inspired clothing as a daily wear. Kayin inspired clothes are suitable for all gender and age.

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