Pa Ohn Yi is a fermented liquid and its taste is sour. It can get from Nipa palm trees along the coastal area in Tanintharyi. It includes Nipa Palm Liquid. Local people pounded and shaked Dhani Kauk (Nipa Palm's bud). After 15 to 20 days must be cut the pounded Nipa Palm's bud. They cut the sliced Nipa Palm's pud and then they have to put on a cup to hold the liquid. Pa Ohn Yi's taste is sour and necessary for Dawei traditional Mote Latt Thouk, Myeik Kat Kyie Kite, and Nga pi Salad. It takes about a week to 2 weeks according to weather condition. It can be used in salad, curry and soup. It can be eaten by any race and is mostly used by housewives.

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The price of Pa Ohn Yi is about between 300Ks to 1000Ks for 1 liter based on the quality of Pa Ohn Yi.