Potatoes chips

Potatoes chips are also included as one of the famous Shan local snacks  and you can find almost all shops of Shan for these products.

In Myanmar, there are 2 regions where are popular with potatoes chips such as Aung Ban, one of southern - shan towns and Kyauk Pa Daung, one of the towns in Central Myanmar.

The main ingredients of this product are potatoes, chilli, seasoning powder, salt, oil and so on.

Local business, family business and local commnities produce and manufacture this product around Myanmar.

Because of having the extended  and growing market for all youths around the globe, fried potatoes stands as one of the essentials for every kitchen and every house. Besides, its fresh and original taste of potatoes make this product popular all over Myanmar.

If you buy raw chips, you can make eatable condition by frying by your own that it has a cheaper price than already-fried ones and if you buy fried chips, you can just have those ready to eat chips.

Remark -
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You can buy at local markets, at 5 days market, at local food shop or souvenir shops.
Indicative Price -
The price starts from 500 MMKs per package and the price differ accordin to how much amount you buy it and differnt shops. You can also find retailed price if you want much amounts.