Sabuti (a tui)

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Sabuti is a corn soup and also a traditional food in Chin State. Chin people eat corn in their daily life. They cook it with other vegetable ingrediant like beans, leaves, pumkins,ect., and have it as a meal. Sabuti is made with corn, meat and serve with fried mythum and chillies. it is a traditional food. Sabuti is one of the most famous traditional food in Chin State. It is organic and tastes good. It takes an hour to make. It is mostly consume for lunch. Some organic celeries, fried mythum and chillies salad are consume together with Sabuti. Everybody can eat it. It is also good for health.

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everytown in Chin State, there are shops. Butiria at Yangon.
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1 dish per 1000mmk (at shop)