Tanintharyi Sausage

Sausage can get two townships in Tanintharyi. They are Dawei township and Palaw township. It includes pork, salt, sugar, soy, fish sauce and red powder. Local people who mostly women make sausage.  Frstly, they cut as slice, mix ingredients, press into pork's colon and roast on the fire. The taste is sweet and nutty. It is like most of the people who younger and older people. It takes about one day. It can use as fried, curry and salad with vegetables. All the people who eat pork.

Remark -
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It can get at local market, souvenir shops and online.
Indicative Price -
The price is between 15000 Kyats and 22000 Kyats for one viss. The prices of Dawei sausage and Palaw sausage are different because the size is different.