Than Taung Gyi Coffee

Thandaunggyi Township is located above 4,000 ft sea level and is suitable for coffee cultivation, Arabica, and Robusta coffee types. Their organic coffee bean is famous not only locally but also internationally. Most of the local coffee is mainly exported to the neighboring country, Thailand. It comes from Than Taung Gyi. Raw coffen beans packages doesn't include any ingredients. Ready made grinded coffee powder includes a little bit of Sugar. Local farmer cultivate the coffee beans and local coffee workshops and factories produce coffee bean packages. It is popular because of its organic ways of coffee beans cultivation and quality of products. Approximately, It takes one month to finalize the packagesafter harvesting the coffe beans. Instant coffee powder can use easily to make a cup of coffee by adding ingredients according to individual preferences.Raw coffee beans can also grind and brew the coffee at home. This is suitable for all gender and age who like to drink coffee.

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