yanmar's fashion industry has grown quickly in recent years with a broader fashion sense and international brands entering the market. However, there are also many local designers creating stunning pieces that reflect Myanmar's heritage while still being trendy enough for international markets and catering their collections to locals, tourists, and young girls. This article describes five local leading brands in Myanmar for unique and trendy clothes, along with information on how and why you should support local clothing brands.

1) PLA clothing; High Quality, Local & Pretty!

PLA is a quality Myanmar clothing brand for girls that always tries to stay up with what's in fashion, and the 15-members tailoring team makes it possible for PLA to offer new designs monthly. You can get everything from dresses or tops, all with a unique design as each piece is made of fabric that is designed and printed internally at their own factory! The Team is proud that they are working across a female-dominated workplace.

Fb link ; https://www.facebook.com/placlothingmm/

 2) JING’s Ready to wear

Jing's is a local clothing brand in Myanmar that was started in 2020 by two Naga sisters from Lashi township; a town in Naga Hills of Sagaing Division on the northwest frontier of Burma. Their initial collection included Naga-themed tees and sweatshirts; with the print of Naga man which is designed for the Naga New year festival. JING's Ready-to-Wear offers high-quality clothing in traditional with innovative styles for both men and women and their sweatpants, which come in five different colours are the newest addition to their product line.

Fb Link ; https://www.facebook.com/jingsreadytowear/

3) Noon Couture; Wear Noon Couture and be the trend setter!

If you are looking to dress up in the latest and unique Myanmar traditional clothing, noon couture is one of your best options. Their Shan costumes; the traditional dress of Shan ethnic are well known and local women love wearing them on different occasions! In addition to the 208K-follower Facebook online store, the retail stores of this local leading fashion brand are located in three different cities; Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggyi.

Fb Link; https://www.facebook.com/nc.nooncoutureofficial/

4) Mari_wear ; Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Mari is a clothing brand that specializes in bringing you stylish yet affordable clothes for all occasions. They sell trendy clothes for girls and young women to wear in the summertime such as Cami tops, mesh tops, cotton tops and tube dresses. For those who only want to wear mini skirts, this brand also has plenty of options for you!

Fb Link; https://www.facebook.com/mariwearclothingbrand/

5) LAHAMa ; Be fashionable or Just live In the stone age!
LAHAMa is a clothing brand which is known for its bright colours and prints was founded by two young females in Mandalay in 2020. One of the best parts about shopping at LAHAMa is that they have adorable name tags on each of their collections--such as Cozy Set, Pop Culture, or Wild Things. La Hemera has released a new style in their range of sheer mesh tops. The 'Y2K' print from the 2000s and colour block prints from decades ago come together to create this light-coloured top, which will be perfect for summer days.

Fb Link ; https://www.facebook.com/wddysm.htn.lahemera/

Benefits of shopping local clothes
Supporting local brands not only benefits you but everyone around you as well!

First of all, it tends to be more eco-friendly as It reduces carbon emissions by reducing transportation costs from one country to another, which can help reduce climate change. Besides, as buying locally reduces transportation costs, you can purchase good pieces with reasonable prices & easy access while you are in Myanmar..

Support communities; Buying local means your money continues to spur economic development in your surrounding community. When you support local fashion designers, you also support local fashion boutiques and their employees. Moreover, as Local businesses are more accountable to their local communities and donate more money to nonprofit organizations, you also participate in donations for the communities. We especially like to support those brands that are led by young women and spark so much inspiration for the new Myanmar generation.

Personalized service; As locals know local’s style & culture well, buying local clothes helps you to get better- personalized services.

How to support local brands

The best way to support your local brand is by purchasing their products, but there are other actions that can assist.

Engaging them on their social media channels; Don't forget about the power of social media! If you want to show your support for a local business, follow them on social media and offer them likes, give out reviews or shout-outs if they're doing something awesome. When you engage with businesses online they are able to connect with more people which may lead them in the right direction of making money.

Burmese clothing brands during pandemic & the Coup

The outbreak of the pandemic and coup in Myanmar led to an increase in local clothing purchases. Thousands of brands arose during these events as people became more willing to shop locally rather than purchasing from outside countries. During this time, Burmese fashion has also seen new trends, with influencers and celebrities beginning to promote their local brands through free advertising.

Hope this article inspires you to buy Locally, support our Economy, and stay on-Trend while doing so!

December 1, 2021