f you're looking for an interesting and off-the-beaten-path destination to visit, then look no further than Magway, Myanmar. This charming city is home to a variety of attractions which is situated in the upper part of Myanmar and well-known as Myanmar's biggest Oil Production Region.

Scenery of Magway (Photo credit Myat Mon Thu)

Magway Region is situated in the dry zone and the best time to visit is from January until March and May until December. The region is filled with thousands of attractions. When in Magway you can go for a walk or bike-ride through the city streets of this stunning city in the Magway region. 

How to get to Magway

You can reach Magway by own car, bus or train. Magway is easily accessible from many destinations of Myanmar. Over the well maintained and good road it takes about half a day by car to arrive in Magway from Yangon and 4 and half hours from Mandalay. If you want to travel by a highway bus, you can join these buses like Nan Htike Taw Win (Ygn- Magway-Minbu-Mandalay), Shwe Mann Thu, Khaing Mandalay. You can book these buses via their phone or facebook page

Ayeyarwaddy River Scenery at Magway (Photo credit Myat Mon Thu)

Surrounding places to visit in Magway region

Start your morning in Magway which is full of enchanting tourist attractions. We can say that Magway is a hidden destination in Myanmar with ancient places in a quiet environment. Let's see what are the famous attractions in Magway Region Tours. Do visit with a guide to get the most out of your experience. 

Mya Tha Lon - A pagoda beside the river bank

When you talk about the city Magway, Mya Tha Lon Pagoda is essential to mention that it’s a great attraction to see during a history tour and a  bucket list experience. The landmark pagoda of Magway is situated at the Irrawaddy river bank with beautiful scenery and visitors can enjoy the evening sunset of the Magway Region from there. A great place to relax with your family while you amaze yourself over the impressive and calm  evening scenery.

The Mya Tha Lon pagoda was built in 1847 and survived the huge 1930 earthquake that hit Magway. After being rebuilt by Min Din Hla Kyaw Gaung, a wealthy man, it now stands at an impressive height of 31 meters (101 ft). It is famous because Mya Tha Lon is placed inside and is called "the bed of Buddha’. As it is a place that fulfills your dream, you should put it in your bucket list. Explore these historical sites for your day trips, private temples and sightseeing.

Mya Tha Lon Pagoda, Magway

Fort Min Hla - A visible symbol that shows Myanmar history

Min Hla is a small town in central Myanmar, located on the west bank of the Ayeyarwady River. It can be reached by bus or car from Magway City - which is an hour-long drive. Among the tourist attractions, Min Hla Fort stands as the most well-known one. The site has a rich history of bitterness,  bravery, and invasion by remembering the national soldiers who gave their lives in the Third Anglo-Burmesewar. In 1854, British troops were deployed at Thayat, about 60 miles south of Min Hla and close to territory that was still held by the Myanmar kingdom. Min Hla Fort is a 150-year old fort on the edge of town. It was built with assistance from two Italian engineers, Commotto and Molinari who also helped design some parts for the lookout cannon that still stands at its entranceway today. The 35 cannons installed within could fire toward any vessel trying to enter or leave through the river . 

The tourists are interested in tours like MinHla Fort for discovering Magway region sites with special features like systematic structures, gigantic red brick, etc.

Fort Min Hla, Magway

Yae Poke Gyi Village - A place with a very special hair culture

This village is situated in Pwint Phyu Township, Minbu District, Magway Region and it takes only one and half hours from Magway. It is famous for the Myanmar Girls who have iconic traditional hairstyles (San Yit Wine). There are over 500 girls and boys who have this popular hair style. They are social and hospitable villagers and tourists simply enjoy discovering their lifestyles, local history and meeting them.

You can do interesting activities like exploring their uniqueness, their traditions, enjoying the surrounding nature of Yae Poke Gyi Village and taking the workshop tour by seeing their local workshops .  

Yae Poke Gyi Village, Magway
“Your Magway travel with a full day workshop tour will be filled not only with temples but also local visits to interesting Myanmar sights. Don’t forget to explore their local products and buy some lovely souvenirs to take back home after your trip to Magway region.”

Man Shwe Sat Taw Pagoda - Religious treasure of Magway region

Man Shwe Sat Taw Pagoda is a famous tourist destination which is situated in Minbu and shows footprints of the Buddha where one is up and one is down. Thepagoda has a festival which is held from mid February to mid April. People come to discover Man Shwe Sat Taw trip to pray at the Buddha’s footprint. Taking a break from your day, you can head up to the Upper Sattawyar which means an upper place with one footprint and then find some peace and quiet time. From the platform of the upper footprint, zoom your eyes up to contemplate and pay homage to the lower footprint; and absorb the panoramic view.

Swim in Mann stream

Imagine a place where the natural beauty of Mother Nature is highlighted, surrounded by a lush green scenery. Swimming at the nearby stream of the Man Shwe Sat Taw Pagoda is a fun way to spend time with friends and family. Besides the Mann Stream, there are a number of stalls selling all sorts of goods ranging from handicrafts to traditional herbal plants. It is important to dress conservatively when visiting religious sites in Myanmar. 

This is called the Mann Shwe Sat Taw Pagoda which has the most enjoyable full day tours and cultural adventures  than other places.

Aerial view of Mann Stream

Local products - Buy great things of local people made with love

Magway, Kaungmon

Kaungmon, burmese snack brand with its bakery in Magway, is very famous in Myanmar. This delicious and unique Burmese snack brand has a variety of treats  like dried bread, Bean Cake, Peanut Brittle, Sesame Brittle etc. Roasted peanuts and toasted sesame seeds are mixed with a delectable caramel flavor. They are cut into small pieces and well-packed. Myanmar people eat it as a snack during tea time. You can buy this on Pyidawtha Road, Magway.

Peanut Brittle

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil, which can be found in many Asian dishes like pho noodles and fried rice, has a unique taste that is hard to replace. It's not just an ingredient - it adds flavor!  Although its price is higher than other oils, it is good for health and tastes very nice.

There are a lot of peanut oil shops in Magway. The most famous one is Ah May Htwar (AMH), which was established in 2002 with the name of our mother. Ah May Htwar (AMH) is producing quality products: peanut oil, oil cake and sesame oil. It is also one of the top leading quality peanut oil and sesame oil producers in Myanmar.

June 22, 2022