ooking for  a place to visit where you can get fresh and delicious fruits  and meals with a relaxing environment and warm hospitality..

Myanmar Organic Farm (MOT) is an eco-friendly place which provides healthy food cultivated in a way of sustainability and safety. The place looks like a small farm village with many different kinds of green vegetables and fruits, small huts and nice breeze. Enjoy the fresh fruits under the tree while you don’t have to worry about Newton’s Theory.

Using natural farming traditions, MOT uses organic methods that require innovation of modern technology, science and knowledge of ecology. The Farm also sustains the local economy by training local people to work  on the organic farm. 

My family had a wonderful time at one of the huts of MOT. The entire farm is well maintained by the owner and staff, who also take good care of the guests. The foods are hygienic and nourishing, with mouth watering local style dishes. We bought Papayas and some vegetables at a very reasonable price for organic foods.

How to get there? 

The Farm is located in the Lat Pa Tan Su Village of Hmawbi Township, Yangon.  For those who have their own car, it  is a two hours drive with an easy route from downtown Yangon. You can take a bus to Hmawbi Yone Pauk bus stop and you can hire a taxi near the bus stop to reach the farm. 

Entrance Gate of Myanmar Organic Farm
Entrance fee and Opening hours

The entrance fee is around 3000 kyats per person. The Farm opens from Monday to Saturday and is closed every Sunday. The Opening hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is important to make a booking before you go so that the staff can prepare to give the best service before you arrive.

Things to do 

Once you reach the farm, the locals welcome you and offer cool drinks at the wooden two-story building. From the top of the building you can enjoy the whole emerald view of the farm while listening to the sound of water flowing from the water storage under the building. After that, you will be taken to one of the small huts on the farm where the farmers and visitors can place their belongings and food. Visitors can take their own homemade food to the farm or they can order delightful, delicious homemade organic Myanmar meals. 

Wooden two-story tower building
One of the visitors said: “The food is fresh and delicious. The staff have generous acts of  hospitality  and the farm is so verdant. It is a lovely place to visit..” 
Delicious Meals served by MOT

After lunch, you can take a nap or take an excursion to learn how to plant vegetables and fruits in organic ways such as recycling weeds or vermicomposting. The vegetables include potatoes, sweet potatoes, Taros, Cabbages, Broccolis, Gingers, Mushrooms, Green Tomatoes and Ripen Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Long Beans, Butterfly Long Beans, Lady Fingers, Bottle Gourds, Cauliflowers, Green Chilies, Lettuces, Eggplants, Aubergines, Limes, Radishes, Water Spainshes, Roselles, Mustard Cabbages, Spinaches, Tendrils, Corianders, Mints, Fruits include Myanmar Bananas, Pomelos, Jackfruits, Guavas, Rambutans, Pineapples, cockscombs, Papayas, etc.. These fruits and vegetables can be ordered within Yangon and the availability differs according to the seasonality.

It is a great place for children to learn how they can be more healthy and strong by eating vegetables and fruit. You can pluck your favorite vegetables and foods with the permission of the owner, pay for it and eat it fresh. Or take those organic fresh foods back home. 

Lady Visitor plucking Vegetables  

You can also ask Local Farmers or the Farm Owner to take you on a tour around the Farm which is about 90 minutes on foot. On the tour, they will explain to you a brief knowledge about organic farming and the agricultural steps of the plants. There are also lovely bunnies, geese and two dogs you can pet. Another unique feature of the farm is that you can ride a bicycle  around the farm and pay per hour.  

Goose Pond
Bikes for Adults and Children

After a long walk or ride exercise, you can have a small relaxing party with your families or friends by ordering a fried chicken and fried gourds together with sweet Palm Wine. There is a shop on the farm where  chemical free products can be bought before going home. 

Family enjoying their time and having meals in the hut  

On your way back to Yangon, you can visit Pan Ta Pwint Mountain, which is a very famous place in Hmawbi. The route to the top of the mountain is steep and be careful if you go with a car. There is a Pagoda on the top where you can see pilgrims and a breathtaking view of the endless emerald mountain view. The sunset will give you a power which is mesmerizing together with the view of green mountains and fresh breeze. 

As a quote from Myanmar, the greatest wealth is good health, eating fresh and healthy food is important for all the human beings. Savoring organic food is not just for a healthy lifestyle but also for the ecology of the environment and saving the planet. With the Corona situation and the coup, it is important to relax at nearby places to your home once in a while for your mental and physical health. A visit to Myanmar Organic Farm might be one of the best day-return trips  to rest with your family and friends with a small budget  away from downtown Yangon even though you are in Yangon.

March 4, 2022