he ancient practice of religion in Myanmar is vast and diverse. There are many different religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc.,  there's something for everyone - even if you're not religious!

Buddhists believe the influence the sun and moon have on human beings are caused  by the planets that orbit our Solar System: Mercury, Venus (love goddess), Mars (war God), Saturn provides order while Jupiter brings good fortune among other things. The posts relating to the planets can be seen at almost every stupa across this beautiful country, Myanmar.

A Tourist whispering and praying at the statue for her wish  

The Myanmar astrology belief in the posts represents the planets. Each post  represents a day in the week a person was born on. Each post has its name as well as age based upon where they stand around the pagoda. The posts are situated at every corner of the stupa and have mythological animals carved into them for good luck according to those who believe it will protect you during your journey through life!

Planetary posts at from the pagoda

About each post

You can find each planet with its respective corners, plantery ages and symbol animals as follows:

a.   The Sunday planetary post is situated at the north-east corner and the Garuda (a mythical bird) is the symbol of it with 6 years of planetary age. It represents the Sun or solar planet.

b. The Monday planetary post is located at the eastern corner with its ruling sign of the Moon and the Tiger as its symbol. The planetary age is 15 years.

c.  The Tuesday planetary post is 8 years planetary-aged at the south-east corner representing Mars planet with the symbol of a Lion.

d.     Wednesday's planetary post is located at the southern corner and its symbol is an Elephant with tusks and the planetary age is 17 years. It is represented by the planet Mercury.

e.     Rahul (Wednesday evening) planetary post lies at the north-west corner and the Elephant without tusks is its representative animal with 12 years of planetary age. It represents the earth.

f.     The Thursday planetary post is situated at the western corner and the Rat is its animal symbol. The planetary age is 19 years and represents the Jupiter planet.

g.     The Friday planetary post is the post from the northern corner and the Guinea pig is its symbol and the planetary age is 21 years, representing Venus planet.

h.    The Saturday planetary post is situated at the south-western corner and its symbol is the Dragon representing Saturn planet with 10 years of planetary age.

How the eight planets influence

The basic belief of Myanmar astrology is that the planets mould or influence a person's fate. A person's fate on whether it is beneficial is dependent on the planet of the day which he/she was born and the influences of a particular planet's period through his/her life. The ebb and flow of a person's fortune depends on the path in the sky of the planets. Generally, there is a belief that: 

a.  Sunday Planet’s influences: You will be cheated or will lose properties and be unhealthy.

b. Monday Planet’s influences: You will get inheritance and win in legal matters and good condition in love affairs.

c.  Tuesday Planet’s influences: You will be faced with legal matters and competition in love affairs. Things will be stolen and lost in business.

d.  Wednesday (morning) Planet’s influences: You will get an inheritance from the south place and receive things with the Wednesday names in Myanmar pronunciation such as cart, boat, gold, farm, etc.

e.   Thursday Planet’s Influences: You will have to travel a lot. You will receive prosperity and will be admired by people.

f.  Friday Planet’s  Influences: You will be rich and get a promotion under this planet. You will get a new house and will be surrounded by admirers.

g.    Saturday Planet’s Influences: You should not go southwest and away from your native land. You will be lost and in danger. You will face legal matters.

h.     Wednesday (evening) / Rahul Planet’s influences: You will have to worry a lot and get misunderstood by your superiors or parents. You will be disturbed and accused. You should avoid going to the west.

If you are interested and believe them, firstly you will go to the astrologer and ask which planet you are on this year. He or she can say and calculate it. There will be a way called yadaya which is one of the magical rituals to prevent misfortune. Some Myanmar people believe and practice it. Even some tourists come to Myanmar to meet the fortune teller and do the Yadaya. I, the writer, also find and ask these things via online when I feel depressed and face unlucky things.  Some fortune tellers can arrange my affairs online. Mostly, I feel it is effective and can bring good luck for me.

Therefore, if you believe or try it, ask Myanmar people where the best fortune teller is.

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November 23, 2021