What is Sabuti?

Sabuti is one of the most famous traditional foods from Chin State Myanmar. It’s a daily dish served in Chin State, and it is a kind of corn soup cooked with pure corn. It’s served with some slices of delicious fried beef, a slice of lime, spicy chili salad and some salt. People who have once tasted it, want to try more. As Sabuti is made of corn, it gives you energy and strength for your body.

Sabuti,Fried beef and chillies(Crd:Butiria)

In Chin State, we eat Sabuti since our great grandparents. It is consumed mostly at lunch almost everyday in our daily life. It is still every Chin peoples' favorite meal.

Buti - Corn Soup in Chin State

“Buti” is called in various ways in different Townships of Chin State. There are 53 ethnic groups and different languages. The word “Sabuti” is used by Hakha, Thantlang and Falam ethnic people. K’cho ( an ethnic group living in Mindat and Kanpetlet in Chin State ) call it “ae tui”. It is called “Vaimim ciim” in Tedim and Tunzang townships.

Different types of Sabuti in Chin State

The word “Sa” means meat and “buti” means corn soup. Corn soup cooked with meat is called “Sabuti”. It is cooked with beef (or) pork. But it is also cooked without meat and it is called “Ann Buti”. “Ann Buti” is cooked with corn and vegetables (red beans, pumpkins and some leaves are the main ingredients). Then, there is also “Rabuti” which is cooked with corn and white big beans. Only a few people like it because the smell of “Rabuti” is bad. But people who can stand the smell love eating it a lot. “Rabuti” is mostly consumed in Summer. It is good to have it on a hot day. There are different types of “Buti” but they all are consumed with chillies salad, fried beef slice, baya kyaw (a snack), salad (or) celery leaves, boiled potatoes and other vegetables.

Ann Buti
Ra Buti 

Why people love it 

Of course Chin people love it because it is our traditional food which is authentic chin food, organically sweet and fresh and it has been a habit for Chin people. And because of its tastes, it is famous among tourists. It is cooked organic so it is good for our health and body. It can be consumed not only in Chin State but also in Yangon, Mandalay, Monwya and Kalay these days. Then, it is also fed in the Tourism promotion Exhibition as a traditional food. Most people come to the exhibition to try it. It is also one of the best sellers in every celebration of Chin State like Chin National Day and Khuado festival. Besides, there are lots of Sabuti shops in Hakha. Even though there are lots of shops, we cannot get a chance to eat it after 2pm because they are all sold out around that time. Consuming Sabuti as a lunch is still a culture and habit for Chin people till today. Some travelers visit Chin State just to try Sabuti even though the roads are too rough. 

Butiria, Yangon (Crd:Butiria)

You can try Sabuti in Yangon at Butiria (U Yae Khel Street, Mayangone township), Mr. Sabuti (No.217, 35th st, Kyauktada township) and VKT Tea House & Chin Traditional Food (No.147, Parami Road, 4 block, South Okkalapa township) and in Mandalay at Chin Sabuti (49 x 50, 107 A). You don’t need to come through the mountains to try Sabuti, you can try it in big cities now. But consuming “Sabuti'' with chillies and a cup of tea leaves in the winter in Chin State will make you feel amazing. So, don’t miss a chance to try Sabuti when you visit Chin State. 

September 10, 2022