yitkyina “close to the big river” in Burmese is the capital of Kachin State.

It is found 1480 kilometres from Yangon, and 785 kilometres from Mandalay. It is situated on the west bank of the Ayeyarwady River, just under 40 km (25 miles) from Myit-son (meaning “confluence ” in Burmese) of the first two upstream rivers (Mali and N’mai). Myitkyina is accessible via train, vehicle, and air. Taking a flight is the best and most helpful approach to arrive at the town as it only takes about one hour from Mandalay to Myitkyina. Moreover the price via air is not much different from that of other ways. There are a few aviation routes that offer the trip to Myitkyna consistently. 

Myitkyina is renowned for its cultural, religious and ethnic diversity, attractive riverside and surrounding areas. Myitkyina has a lovely riverfront where a local market operates regularly. A huge standing and reclining Buddha image enhances the stream bank. The population of Myitkyina is around 150,000 people. It has been an important trading town between China and Burma since ancient times.

But even if you visit or live in a city like Myitkyina, one question still lurks – where to chill out? As there are a bunch of cool hangout places in Myitkyina where one can head to with their friends, family or gang. If you have been dealing with the same question, then your troubles end right here. This article will tell you about the best spot in Myitkyina where you can spend some joyful time with your loved ones.

Aung Myin Thar Bamboo Resort 

Aung Myin Thar Bamboo Resort was first visited around 2015 and is a relaxing spot where the clear creek nestled by the mountains is naturally found. Aung Myin Thar Creek, popularly known as Kyaing Kran Chaung, was once the site of the first remaining Krang Kran power plant to supply electricity to Myitkyina. The water from Kyaing Kharan creek is freshwater. It has a very good PH level (acid/salinity) . The water level in the whole area of ​​Myitkyina is good and is now supplying water to Myitkyina. Since the water from the creek is fresh and clear, it is also a popular destination for young and old alike in the summer. When the summer is hot, they are looking for a place with good natural water resources to avoid the heat.

How to get there?

To get to Aung Myin Thar resort, you need to take the Myitkyina-Total Prabhum-Putao roadway. It has a distance of 38km (23.6 miles). On the off-chance that you go there via vehicle or by motorbike, it requires 48 minutes to drive.. The road is acceptable, halfway black-top and somewhat concrete, the surface is smooth. It is likewise a decent spot for cycling enthusiasts. But you need to be careful of dogs and cows as you go through villages.

Fun activities to do at the Resort? 

There are a bunch of activities to chill at at the resort.

  • If you feel like swimming in deep water or playing in shallow water, go to the bamboo forest and float on the ball as the swimming pools can also be rented. 
  • During the rainy season, you can go white water rafting which is not available anywhere in the lower central part of Myanmar. It's a really exciting adventure.
  • If you feel like simply chilling with the wine and nature or need a decent eatery and a decent spot to go there are bamboo cafes to relax and eat. You can also order traditional Kachin food and other delicacies at the resort shops. 
  • If you want to see and take photographs of the delightful view, go to the cable-stayed bridge which was opened by the Kachin State Government in 2014/2015.

Tips & Suggestion

  • Like all state forests, you are surrounded by the wilderness, so it is always best to come prepared with sun protection, insect repellent.
  • Pack some old runners or wet shoes for creek walking. The shallow water and rapids can often be tricky to walk in with bare feet.
  • If you are going to Aung Myin Thar for leisure, order food at local shops as some people bring food from the city and spend the day at local restaurants for a maximum difference of five hundred from the city price. The locals earn money from the visitors as the charges of keeping the creek clean.
  • And it is very important not to litter in the creek or leave empty bottles behind and not to separate the bottles.

August 24, 2021