raveling by river cruises is enjoyable for tourists who want to see the natural scenery and local villagers' daily lives. It is a perfect way to relax with fresh air for your healthy life. The cruise industry earned a whopping 27 billion dollars in just 2019, but sadly lacked half of that due to COVID-19's impact on tourism the following year. Only 13.9 million people took cruises in 2021, which is 53% fewer than the pre-pandemic levels of 2019.

To go on a cruise  is a very popular way of travel not only in Myanmar but also in the world. When we see the heart of Myanmar cruise industry, Ayeyarwady River is the most popular route for river cruise itineraries. In this article you can find how Myanmar River Cruises are traveling along the beautiful Ayeyarwady river and the Chindwin river. 

There are different types of Myanmar river cruises like the Luxury, Deluxe and Family cruises. The following are the routes of Myanmar cruises and trip itineraries-

Myanmar River Cruise 

Luxury Myanmar river cruises

Mandalay to Bagan - Irrawaddy River Cruise

Among the big cities of Myanmar, Mandalay is the second-largest city in Myanmar, and is situated in central Myanmar near the Irrawaddy River. Bagan is also a world-class tourist destination where over 2,200 ancient temples and pagodas are significantly situated. There are different types of cruise packages like the following which are the most famous :

 (3 DAY TOUR)  Mandalay → Mingun → Sagaing → Yandabo village → Bagan

  • Explore the cities Mandalay, Bagan, Mingun and Sagaing
  • Experience Myanmar in a whole new way by taking a cruise on the Paukan! You'll get to see some amazing sights and make some great memories
  • Take your time to explore the best of Burmese culture and nature

About Cruise - RV Paukan 2007 Cruise (6 DAY TOUR) Mandalay → Mingun → Ava → Amarapura → Monywa → Yandabo village → Bagan

  • Head to Mingun to see the unfinished pagoda and the largest working bell in the world. Tip: this is also a great place to visit if you're looking for a home for the elderly.
  • Take a tour of the city center, including Mahamuni Pagoda, the temples on Mandalay Hill and Kuthodaw Paya.
  • Come see the world's biggest book and marvel at the gold leaf making, tapestry making, woodcarving, marble carving and bronze casting workshops.
  • Visit to Monywa, home to the Hpowindaung and Shwebadaung caves, which are definitely worth the drive.
  • View numerous Buddha Statues adorned with mural paintings.
  • Journey on to Yandabo - a breathtaking village known for its pottery.

About cruise - RV Paukan 2012 Cruise (11 Day Tour) Mandalay → Kyauk Myaung → Tagaung → 2nd Defile → Katha → Mingun → Ava → Amarapura → Monywa → Yandabo village → Bagan

  • 50 Gallonpots are a Kyauk Myaung specialty, and tourists can sail to the small villages to see how they're made.
  • Discover Tagaung: home to Bo Bo Gyi's shrine, a renowned nat, as well as an archaeological area and fortifications.
  • As you cruise upstream, take in the impressive sight of the Second defile - the largest of all Irrawaddy gorges.
  • See the charming colonial town of Katha, which served as the inspiration for George Orwell's book "Burmese Days."
  • Walk along the streets and markets by trishaw and see the Elephant Logging Camp in the hardwood forest.
  • After arriving in Mingun, take some time to explore the unfinished pagoda, ring the world's largest working bell, and see "the home for the ages."
  • While in the city center, be sure to check out the Mahamuni Pagoda, Hill, and Kuthodaw Paya.
  • Come to Hpowindaung and Shwebadaung where you can view hundreds of Buddha Statues up close.
  • After you arrive in Yandabo, be sure to explore the picturesque village and check out the pottery shops.
  • Have a full day tour of Bagan

About cruise - RV Paukan 2012 Cruise Yangon to Mandalay Myanmar River Cruise

Yangon, the commercial city of Myanmar, is a hub with heritage colonial buildings, bustling markets, delicious food and city life. Heading to Mandalay which was the last royal capital of Myanmar Kings and it is full of Myanmar culture and traditions. The followings are the Myanmar river cruises from Yangon to Mandalay:  

(10 Day Tour) Yangon → Pyay → Thayetmyo → Magway → Salay → Bagan → Yandabo village → Ava → Sagaing → Amarapura → Mingun → Mandalay

  • Cruise from Yangon to Pyay is sure to take your breath away. Marvel at the Shwesandaw Pagoda complex and the surrounding mountains.
  • Take a tour of Thayetmyo, Myanmar's oldest golf course with an intriguing history.
  • Arrive at Magwe and go around Myat Than Lun Paya, a hilltop with an incredible panoramic view.
  • Sail to the village of Salay to visit its teak monasteries, then head to Tan Kyi to enjoy a marvelous sunset over the Bagan plains.
  • Take an unforgettable tour of the ancient Bagan sites atop an oxcart, then end your day by watching the sunset from one of the area's most significant temples with a delicious champagne toast.
  • Come tour the lovely river village of Yandabo with us and learn all about pot-making! You'll get to see the unique production technique at some workshops, visit the school, and even tour the monastery.
  • Visit the Hpowindaung and Shwebadaung Caves in Monywa, where you'll find hundreds of niches decorated with mural paintings.
  • Journey to Mingun pagoda, an unfinished structure that's home to the world's largest working bell.
  • Unwind with an unforgettable dance and theater performance during your vacation.
  • This tour will take you to some of the most iconic temples in Mandalay, where you can get sweeping views of the city.

About Cruise -  RV Paukan 2014 Cruise (11 Day Tour) Pyay → Thayetmyo → Magway → Salay → Bagan → Yandabo village → Mandalay → Sagaing → Amarapura → Mingun → Kyauk Myaung → Mandalay

  • Get enchanted with beautiful scenery along the way
  • Spend time on researching local culture and lifestyle
  • Look out for Irrawaddy dolphins as you cruise between Sagaing and Kyuak Myaung.
  • Make the most of your cruise by meeting new and interesting local people.
  • Make memories that will last a lifetime 

About Cruise - Pandaw Cruise

Mandalay, Myanmar

Bagan to Yangon River Cruise

Bagan offers an unparalleled experience when it comes to stunning pagodas and temples. Beginning your river trips at this ancient city, with its million pagodas, will gradually increase your appreciation for the place and its history. By visiting a few ancient monasteries and temples, talking with the hospitable locals, or enjoying a sunset over Bagan plain, we can discover the truths behind the myths with luxury myanmar river cruises.

(8DAYS) Bagan → Magway → Yangon

  • Embark on the Orcaella down Myanmar's historic iIrrawaddy River to see a side of the country you will never get except on a  cruise experience.
  •  With our exceptional service, you're guaranteed to have a fantastic time on your journey.
  •  If you're looking to seek ancient cities and wild nature, this is the perfect place to do it.

About Cruise - Belmond Orcaella Cruise 

Myanmar River Cruises in Chindwin River

In the beautiful country, Myanmar - cruising down the Chindwin is one of the best ways to experience it. You'll get to see stunning natural scenery, impressive man-made structures, and learn about the culture and customs of the people who live along the river. Come on our cruise to have an amazing vacation while relaxing and enjoying yourself.

(8 Days) Homalin → Toungdoot → Sitthaung → Mawlaik → Mingin → Monywa → Phowin Taung Caves → Monywa

  • Travel to the furthest navigable point on the Chindwin River to search the unique sights and people's life
  • Take a step into Toungdoot - an ancient Shan enclave where you can see what has become of the royal family and their home
  • Come to the final resting place of a number of IFC steamers - Sitthaung and have a glance at a period time of the past
  • Find Mungkin with the most art historically fascinating site in Myanmar, seeing its Konbaung court style teak monasteries
  • Go into the lower Chindwin and the forested hills fall away from farmland
  • Discover Pho Win Taung Caves to admire beautiful mural paintings and Buddha statues in riches

About Cruise - Pandaw Cruise 

Shwegu, Kachin, Myanmar

Best Time for Cruising

The monsoon rains start in late May and often continue into October. Due to the levels of the Irrawaddy, the season for cruises between Mandalay and Bagan runs from September through to April. The best time for a river cruise down Chindwin Riverduring the monsoon season, which runs into the Irrawaddy, is from July to September. The high water level during this season will make for a more interesting river cruise than if you were to go at another time.

Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) river cruise ship Anawrahta (Heritage Line) travels through narrow gorge, near Shwegu, Kachin, Myanmar

In addition to the mysterious rivers and islands cool atmosphere, tourists will surely gain a special experience in Myanmar

River cruising in Myanmar is becoming very popular. . A river cruise allows you the whole trip to see the world's most beautiful towns and cities without any stress or hassle. Imagine having unpacked just once while being aboard a ship full of luxury and relaxation as you travel to multiple delightful destinations. Choose your favorite destinations and sail in Myanmar.

March 3, 2023