he Ayeyarwaddy Region is located at the southwest corner of Myanmar and there is a population of over 6 million living throughout the Ayeyarwaddy delta area. This region is best known for its wide variety of tasty fresh food.  You all should not only taste them during your tour but also buy them at your return-to-home time. So, I want to describe the following famous food from some towns of the Ayeyarwaddy Region.

Pathein Halawa  

Pathein is the capital of Ayeyarwaddy Region and also a main hub which is situated on the bank of Pathein River. It is famous for its colourful, hand-painted parasols which are unique among the tourists. The Halawa is very distinctive and originated from Pathein city. Sticky Rice, CoConut, Butter,  and Sugar are the main ingredients for it and there are two types- dried and normal. The dried one is black and the normal one is oily  brown. They all are sticky and sweet. You can buy it from various halawa shops and I want to recommend this - http://www.facebook.com/SMP.Halawar/

Pickled Shrimp/Fish from Lattputa and Wakema

These towns have long been famous for the quality of its pickled fish and shrimp. As the Ayeyarwaddy region has plenty of freshwater river products, these fish and shrimp are absolutely delicious and fresh. Pickled fish is a mixture of fish and rice that are fermented and wrapped with banana? leaves., It is definitely a Myanmar traditional product that you should taste. You can order them via the online food shop like- http://www.facebook.com/Kyi-Thar-Thu

Ginger Salad from Kyonpyaw

We can say that the Burmese ginger salad is the traditional meal for Myanmar People. Mostly they eat it as a snack after lunch. Ginger is one of the healthiest spices on the planet and it can help treat chronic indigestion

During your Ayeyarwaddy Trip, this kind of savory and crunchy salad can be bought in Kyonpyaw which is 84.1 km far from Pathein. They sell ginger salad with ready-made packaging which includes assorted nuts, pickled ginger and other additional items. So, you can keep it at home to eat before the expiration date.

Dried Fish and Shrimp from Mawgyun Town

The town Mawgyun is situated nearer tothe sea so you can get a variety of sea fishes and shrimps. There are also a lot of workshops which make dried fish. The locals make the dried fishes in the traditional way in the open air, drying the fish using sun and wind. Dried Pangush Fish and shrimp snacks are very popular among the travelers and we recommend buying them from Ye Yint Aung Local Owned Shop which sells the best dried fishes among the region. 

Fried Banana from the town Nyaungdone

It is one of the typical snacks in Myanmar and people know it as a present when you return from Nyaungdone which is only 66.2 km away from Yangon. There are two types of fried banana, the ripe and unripe ones. The fried ripe banana is round-shaped chips and sweeter than the unripe one. The unripe one is less sweet and long-shaped. You can buy them easily with a fair price  and nice-packaging in Nyaungdone. But you should choose the quality shops with nice flavors. Example - Tiger and Eightsitan.

Baked Bean Cake from Maubin

This scrumptious and unique snack from Maubin is the baked Bean Cake which has been produced for a long time. The best  shop’s to try Baked Bean Cakes  is “Tiger Bakery” where you can also get some other food like salted egg and white pumpkin snacks. Please don’t forget to taste them and grab them to take back to your home.

Beaten Bread from Chaungthar and NgweSaung

Ayeyarwaddy Region is famous for its beautiful and awesome beaches, most travellers love to visit NgweSaung and Chaungthar. Before they go back, they usually choose travel gifts for their loved ones. Among them “Thayettaw Beaten Bread” is the best food you shouldn’t miss. It is a kind of sweet bread made with sticky rice. Most people eat this as breakfast but some eat it as afternoon snack. You can buy it delicious and cheap at most shops in Chaungthar and NgweSaung.

What kind of taste buds do you have?  If you want fresh and delicious food then head and explore the Ayeyarwaddy Region.  If you know about or found more delicious food from the Ayeyarwaddy Delta, please share with us at Mylocalpassion and we will honorably promote your local product tip.

October 22, 2021