re you looking for your beach vacation for the holidays? Myanmar is a country in South East Asia which is full of cultural and natural resources. There are many untouched and authentic beaches with white sands in Myanmar.

Myanmar Beaches are safe places for women travelers and you can enjoy abundant beach activities along the coast and beach destination areas. Ngwe Saung Beach is just one beautiful and perfect place that I would like to recommend to you.

I am a girl who loves to explore the beaches. So, if you are beachlovers, I will tell you about the beach tips for Ngwe Saung based on my experience.

Sunset in Ngwe Saung Beach

Basic Information about Ngwe Saung Beach

It is a famous beach in Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. Ayeyarwaddy is the delta region which is situated in the southern part of Myanmar. Ngwe Saung Beach is famous for its clean water, idyllic scenery, authentic nature, nice accommodation, long coast, beach activities and delicious seafood. It takes about 6 hours from Yangon. Tourists can visit Ngwe Saung by private cars or tour buses. 

Lovers Island 

The Way to Ngwe Saung

There is only one way to Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar. If you are a solo woman traveler, traveling with the tour bus is safe and comfortable. Ticket prices are affordable and the bus will pick you up from your home to the hotel in Ngwe Saung where you can stay. The road is nice and you will pass the low hills before arriving at the beach.

For me, I have been to Ngwe Saung several times but this time I went there with Shwe Nagar Bus Company. On the way, they stop at the local restaurant near the town of Nyaungdon. As the bus is a morning bus, I had my breakfast at this restaurant named Pyi Gyi Mandai. You can see the green and city environment when passing through several towns of Ayeyarwady Region.

Accommodation Tips

There are a lot of nice accommodations at Ngwe Saung Beach. From my point of view, we can divide two types of hotels near the downtown area and beach hotels. If you choose the hotels near downtown, you can visit the local markets, buy local food, souvenirs and go to the restaurants by taking a walk. But if you love to stay quiet and relaxed at night, you should relax in the more isolated hotels that are very close to the ocean.

For me, I stayed at the Silver Coast Beach Hotel in Ngwe Saung Beach. Everything is ok with this hotel-local style beach bungalows, nice seafood at the Ngwe Saung hotels and their services. All women can stay safely and happily at the Ngwe Saung best accommodations of Myanmar. You can book the hotels via online, especially on their Facebook pages.

Garden View of Silver Coast Hotel

Activities for women in Ngwe Saung

Visiting the Islands

There is a small island which is called Lovers island and you can access it by walking when the tide is out. On Lovers island,  you can ride a bike along the beach and go to Snake island. You can get there easily from the beach. You can also go sight-seeing by boat around this island and beach area. The bird island in Ngwe Saung is very famous as the best snorkeling site. From this island, you can view its blue, clean wate and beautiful sea views. You can take lovely photos on Bird Island. Book the Ngwe Saung boat tours and rent them from the coast there. 

Biking on the sandy beach

Do you think biking on the sand would be difficult?  i It is very amazing to do it for women in Ngwe Saung. There are different styles of big bicycles that are rented out to the visitors. You can choose your favorite one with the best price and take your enchanting experiences along the coast of Ngwe saung beach.

Sandy Beach, Ngwe Beach

Sport Activities 

Banana Boat Riding is very popular in travel guides and worth paying for this adventurous activity. Take your life vests and start your trip under the sun of Ngwe Saung Beach. 

Swimming with a ring and ball is the must-do activities for everyone in Ngwe Saung Beach. You can flow with the big waves and this is very wonderful and safe for visitors.

Elephant Camp

It is a 30 minutes drive from Ngwe Saung. For the girls who love elephants, it is a must visit place where you can closely meet with the lovely elephants. Visiting these elephants is not only seeing the elephants nature and their daily activities but also supporting the local community and children at this camp.

Ngwe Saung Village Visits

Ngwe Saung village called Thazin Village is one of the nearest villages from the Ngwe Saung Beach and situated at the southern part. It is a pleasant place for women who want to see the local people's lifestyles. The unique feature is the stupas on the twin rocks.

Another popular place is Sinma Fishing Village where visitors can see the daily lifestyles of fishermen. They take their boat and go fishing every morning. Stroll along the beach by viewing dry product workshops, local seafood and meeting the local fishermen. You can find several attractions in Ngwe saung Village.

Biking around Ngwe Saung

Beyond the beach, Ngwe Saung is full of happy local experiences around the town. Visiting around the city is one of the best activities for women travelers who can ride a bicycle. If you want to rent a Toke Toke  (3 wheels vehicle), they will pick you up at your hotel. Your ride will pass the long hill road passing through green fields.

Toke Toke at Ngwe Saung

Buying Local Products

Thayet Taw Cake is the main local food of Ngwe Saung. Other famous products are dried seafood and souvenirs made with ocean items from this peaceful beach. There are a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants downtown for delicious food. And also, on your way back home, you can buy the local products like Halawa and Pork Jerky Stick at Pathein. This is a very interesting activity for women who love shopping.

Local Product Shop at Ngwe Saung
Fried Prawn at Ngwe Saung’s local product shop
Restaurant at Ngwe Saung Beach

Best Time to visit

January, February, March, April, November and December are the best travel times to visit Ngwe Saung. You can relax under the sun on the white sand during the warm months like February, March, April and May. The low season is during June to August in the rainy season with high tides. The locals welcome you all year around so start planning your trip to the sea of Irrawaddy region in order to have fun and swim.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose Ngwe Saung Beach for your vacation with friends or family.

June 28, 2022