yanmar’s e-commerce started getting popular in 2019-2020 and websites are increasing in number. As the Covid-19 pandemic hit Myanmar in 2019 and continues to spread around the world, people are increasingly turning to online shopping as a way to avoid going out in public. 

COVID-19 was the reason that Myanmar people had to stay at home and work from home. They spent more time using internet devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. So, Myanmar people started using the internet for doing their daily activities including online shopping, online banking, online entertainment, online news reading, and much more. In this digital era, people are trying to get everything done by just sitting in front of their devices without leaving their homes. Some businesses have been able to take advantage of this surge in online activity and the websites and mobile apps are improving continuously. 

In Myanmar, e-commerce is still at a nascent stage with a lot of development required in order to facilitate greater adoption. As an upcoming country in Southeast Asia,  it's no surprise that the e-commerce market is booming. In recent years, a number of platforms have emerged as the main players in Myanmar's e-commerce space. Below, we will mention some of the most popular platforms and what they have to offer. Make sure to check them out!


Shop.com.mm is a rapidly growing online shopping platform in Myanmar. It is an online platform that any kind of seller can easily sign-up to and start selling their products right away. In 2018, Alibaba acquired shop.com, and then it introduced more advanced technologies to offer better user experiences with features such as personalised product feeds, instant chat between customers and sellers, in-app customer service and collection and seller recommendations. 

Shop.com.mm offers a very wide range of product categories like fashion-related products, home appliances, computing and mobile devices, and official brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Panasonic and many more…. As it runs its own logistics and shipping system, the shipping fees are relatively low, compared to other shipping companies and depending on location it only takes 1-3 days for the product to be delivered. Currently, shop.com.mm is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in Myanmar with more than 1 million monthly active users.

Shop.com.mm Homepage

My Local Zay

Mylocalzay.com is a start-up e-commerce website that specializes in selling locally made products from Myanmar. The website arrived on the local market in March 2021 and it offers a great variety of products related to fashion, clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. All the products available on the website are made by local brands and this is one of the main reasons why My Local Zay is gaining more and more popularity. By offering only products that are made locally, the website aims to empower and develop the local community. Another great thing about My Local Zay is that it is a multi-vendor marketplace that gives any local brand owners the opportunity to sell through the platform and increase their sales and achieve local and international awareness. The website is supported by CBI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands) and it definitely represents a great opportunity for locals to promote their products. If you are looking for an exciting marketplace that offers a great variety of locally made products, then you should definitely check out My Local Zay!

My Local Zay also focuses on businesses led by women and those that empower youth. It supports businesses that are making a positive impact in the community, and it is passionate about providing an online platform for them to sell their products. Its selection of businesses is carefully curated to ensure that each product meets its high standards for quality and social responsibility. My Local Zay is constantly expanding its selection to offer customers the best possible variety of products, and it is always on the lookout for new businesses to support. If you are interested in selling your products through My Local Zay or if you know of a business that should be featured or to learn more about the local businesses, visit My Local Zay today!

My Local Zay Homepage

City Mall

Citymall.com is an e-commerce website run by City Mart Holdings, one of Myanmar’s largest retail outlets. City Mart Holdings started as a modern supermarket in 1996 and soon expanded into other areas of modern retail trade, such as pharmacies, bookstores, baby stores, convenience stores and bakery & coffee shops. City Mart Group stores are primarily located in the cities of Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw. City Mall offers a convenient online shopping experience for City Mart Holdings customers.  Now it also expanded to some major towns in Upper Myanmar. Businesses under CMHL include City Mart Supermarkets, Ocean Supercenters, Marketplace by City Mart, City Baby Clubs, City Care, Seasons Bakery, City Express and City Mall Online. 

With more than 1,000 employees working at City Mart, they are online 24/7 to serve their customers with the best shopping experience. City Mall offers a wide range of products from apparel to home appliances and everything in between. In addition to a great selection of products, City Mall also offers excellent customer service and convenient delivery options. So, if you’re looking for anything, they are ready to offer. City Mall’s product range encompasses items from all of City Mart Holdings’ retail outlets, making it the one-stop shop for all your needs. Whether you’re looking for groceries, healthcare products, books or even baby supplies, City Mall has you covered. They have also answered all the possible questions that you might want to know for online orders. You can check here. So why not start your City Mart shopping experience today? You won’t be disappointed!

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Yangoods.com is a unique Myanmar lifestyle brand that offers fashion, accessories and home decor that embrace the country's rich culture and traditions. Yangoods was founded in 2015 by friends who share a love of culture and fashion. With a Myanmar creative team serving to ignite their inspiration spark, Yangoods brings to life a new outlook on Myanmar fashion. What started with a small shop in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon back in May 2015, has now grown into a national presence. Yangoods boutiques can be found in key locations in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Taunggyi. Yangoods carries on the traditions and iconic art of Myanmar by blending the land’s unique culture with stylish 21st-century sensibilities. Colorful and original, Yangoods items are a part of your everyday life as fashion, accessories, and home decor.

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These are just some of the main e-commerce websites in Myanmar. If you're looking to start selling and buying online, make sure to check out these platforms! 

Even though Myanmar's e-commerce is not well developed like other countries, it is growing very quickly. While challenges remain, Myanmar's e-commerce market holds significant potential and is poised for strong growth in the coming years and we highly expect relative growth in the future…….

August 21, 2022