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Dawei is located in the southern part of Myanmar. Dawei has many historical pagodas, heritages, beaches, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs and islands. Most people come to Dawei to visit the historical pagodas and beaches. Dawei is easy to travel by bus, train, boat and air. You have to choose transportation services which are by train or by car  from Yangon to Dawei. It takes 45 minutes by air, 12 hours by bus and about 24 hours by train. If you are a foreigner, you can come from Kawthaung entry ( Border of Thailand). 

Welcome To Dawei Sign Board 

Photo Credit: Linn Linn 

Historical Pagodas of Dawei

Dawei has had many historical pagodas dating back over 200 years ago. Famous pagodas in Dawei include Shin Koe Shin Pagodas (nine Pagodas), Law Ka Marazein Buddha image (Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda), Shwe Thar Lyaung Pagoda, Yap Taw Mu Pagoda and Payar Shint Myauk Pagoda. The well known pagodas in Dawei are Shin Koe Shin pagodas (nine Pagodas). Thus, people go to Dawei to visit Shin Koe Shin Pagodas, the beaches and islands.

Shin Koe Shin Pagodas (Nine  Pagodas)

Shin Koe Shin Pagodas are Shin Hsandaw Shin Pagoda, Shin Dat Wel Pagoda, Shin Zalun Pagoda, Shin Okaw  Pagoda, Shin Pin Khayu Pagoda, Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda, Shin Mokhtee Pagoda, Shin Taunt Po Pagoda and Shin Maw Pagoda. These nine pagodas are different pagodas in different areas but their histories of pagodas are connected. Shin Hsandaw Shin Pagoda, Shin Taunt Po Pagoda and Shin Maw Pagoda are three mountain pagodas, Shin Okaw Pagoda, Shin Pin Khayu Pagoda and Shin Mokhtee Pagoda are three town pagodas and Shin Dat Wel Pagoda, Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda and Shin Zalun Pagoda are forest pagodas.

  1. Shin Hsandaw Shin Pagoda

Shin Hsandaw Shin Pagoda is situated 47 miles north of Dawei, Kalein Aung Township, Ye Phyu District, Tanintharyi region. It is located on the mountain of the West in Kalein Aung Township. You can easily go to Kalein Aung mountain by motorbike and car. The duration will take about 2 hours from Dawei. When you reach Shin Hsandaw Shin pagoda, you can get a peaceful feeling and you can see the whole Kalein Aung Township and View of Dawei River at the mountain. 


  Shin Hsandaw Shin Pagoda 

Photo Credit: Aung Thu Phyo

  1. Shin Dat Wel Pagoda

Shin Dat Wel Pagoda is situated 7 miles away from Dawei and it is located in Maung Mal Shaung Village, Ye Phyu Township, Ye Phyu District, Tanintharyi Region. The duration will take about 30 minutes from Dawei. You must drive on Yangon-Dawei Highway Road and then, you can go through the access road. This Pagoda was built by Shin Zan. Shin Zaw and Shin Zan are twins. They stayed in a monastery. One day, they got a Buddha relic from Ashin Arahan (Monk).  Anchorite of their monastery divided as two of relics and they built pagodas with Buddha release. Shin Zaw built Shin Zalun pagoda and Shin Zan built Shin Dat Wel pagoda. The history of pagoda is 150 centuries ago.  In Shin Dat Wel pagoda, you can see the 15 foot high Statue, human made font and small park. After that, You can visit 28 sitting statues of Botree near the Shin Dat Wel Pagoda.

Shin Dat Wel Pagoda 

(Photo Credit:Shwe Moe Hotel)

  1. Shin Zalun Pagoda

Shin Zalun Pagoda is located in Thagaya, Old Town, Launglone Township, Tanintharyi Region. It is 6 miles away from Dawei which was  built by Shin Zaw. This pagoda is situated on the other side (north-west) of the Dawei river of Shin Dat Wel Pagoda. Shin Day Wel Pagoda was built by Shin Zan who is the brother of Shin Zaw. Shin Zalun Pagoda emblems are the plaster flowers around the head of the Pagoda.

 Shin Zalun  Pagoda 

 ( Photo Credit: Pyae Sone Aung Linn )

  1. Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda

Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda (hilly Pagoda) is situated in Kamyawkin village, Launglone Township, Tanintharyi Region. It is 3 miles away from Dawei and you can see Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda’s sign board on the way from Dawei to Maungmagan Road.  And then you can go through the brand road. Farmer U Phoe Toke and his wife excavated land and found the sitting Buddha image here and they built Shin Tauk Htein Pagoda in 103 AD. 

Shin Tauk Htein  Pagoda 

(Photo Credit: Phoe Zaw)

  1. Shin Okaw Pagoda

Shin Okaw Pagoda is situated in the Golden Temple compound, Pane Taw Quarter, Dawei Township, Tanintharyi Region. King Min Shin built Shin Okaw pagoda in 1122 Kawzar (Myanmar calendar) or 1761 in the normal world calendar and it  is a unique pagoda built by 11 bands of pagoda. It is located downtown so you can easily visit it.

Shin Okaw Pagoda  

(Photo Credit: Aung Zin Lux)

Shin Okaw Pagoda  

(Photo Credit: Thu Thu)

  1. Shin Pin Khayu Pagoda

Shin Pin Khayu Pagoda is located in Rzarni Road, Kayap Pyin Quarter, Dawei, Tanintharyi Region. This pagoda was built on the shell of a giant snail between two star flower trees 300 years ago. It is situated downtown and you can easily visit it. And then you can go to Winner teashop which is a popular tea shop in Dawei located near Shin Pin Khayu  pagoda.

Shin Pin Khayu Pagoda  

(Photo Credit: Aung Zin Lux)

  1. Shin Mokhtee Pagoda

Shin Mokhtee Pagoda is situated in Shin Mokhtee Village, Dawei district, Tanintharyi region. Shin Mokhtee village is 6 miles away from Dawei. The Shin Mokhtee Statue is one of the four statues that Ashin Maha Arahan, an Arahant Tar from Thiho island, lifted into the sea. The three pagodas are Kyaikpawlaw Hmeshin pagoda, Kyaikkhami Yele Pagoda from Kyaikto and Shwe Mor Daw Pagoda from Pathein. So, the Shin Mote Htee buddha image was found by one of the Nun of Shin Mote Htee village from western river of Dawei and then built here. This pagoda is located on the right side of Dawei-Myeik Motorway in Shin Mokhtee village so you can easily visit this pagoda by motorbike or car.

Shin Mote Htee Pagoda 

Photo Credit: Da Tha

  1. Shin Taunt Po Pagoda

Shin Taunt Po Pagoda is located 18 miles away from Dawei in Thayet Chaung Township, Dawei District, Tanintharyi Region. The pagoda was built by local people of Hunter Maung Nwar on a hill over 2,000 feet high. Shin Taunt Po means a forest hunter Maung Nwar dropped his arrows and bullets and set them on fire to become a hermit . And then, he became a monastic and built Shin Taunt Po Pagoda. You can go to this pagoda by motorbike and car easily to the mountain. 

Shin Taunt Po Pagoda  

(Photo Credit: Aung Zin Lux)

  1. Shin Maw Pagoda

Shin Maw Pagoda is located on the mountain (Shin Hmyaw Taung) of Kyauk Hluk Village, 52 miles away from Dawei, Launglone Township, Tanintharyi Region. This pagoda was built on the full moon day of Tapaung (Myanmar month) in 283 Kawzar. You can go to Shin Maw Pagoda by car or motorbike which takes about 2 hours. When you drive along the mountain road you will see the amazing Dawei Peninsula View. When you reach the pagoda, you will be greeted by fresh air and you can see the more beautiful scenery of mountains and the sea.

Shin Maw Pagoda  

(Photo Credit: Pin Lal Thu)

Shin Koe Shin Pagodas are unique 9 pagodas in Dawei. If you visit Dawei, you should visit Shin Koe Shin Pagodas and you can study histories and architectures of Shin Koe Shin Pagodas. When most people visit Dawei, they firstly go to Shin Koe Shin pagodas. And then, they go to the beaches, islands and other destinations. 

These pagodas are my pilgrimage trip collection for Dawei. They look sublime and inspiring with their historical background and architecture. Some people come to Dawei, they only visit Shin Koe Shin (nine Pagodas) in a day to enhance their good deeds which help faster to Nivana. So, make sure to visit at least one of these pagodas to get local religious traditions.

May 10, 2022