againg is the vibrant city in northern Myanmar known for its many interesting places. Once, Sagaing was the former capital of the Sagaing division. From Sagaing's historic temples and monasteries to its bustling markets, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Not too far away from Mandalay, the ancient capital of Myanmar last kings, the third largest city, it is easy to hang out there.  From Mandalay it is an hour's drive to Sagaing, crossing the Ayeyarwaddy river. Sagaing and Mandalay are on either side of the Ayeyarwaddy river, Sagaing is still a quiet living place, where you can feel the calm atmosphere but Mandalay is well developed and a busy city. 

Sagaing is the center that must pass by to go to Upper Myanmar. In addition, around Sagaing , many eye-catching places can be found. 

Saing Hill (Sagaing Taung)

Sagaing hill is the finest site in Sagaing Division to visit. On a 10-kilometer radius, it contains more than 600 monasteries and pagodas. Every day, over 5,000 monks reside there to study buddhism making it an important religious site for Buddhists. . Sagaing Peak offers a stunning view of the countryside and will give you a breathtaking photogenic view. Visitors can enjoy taking photos of the stunning scenery and architecture.

Sagaing Hill
Sagaing Hill

Sagaing was a place where many Myanmar people hid during World War Two because Sagaing hills are quite long, difficult to find, and have many welfare  monasteries. There were two bridges connecting Mandalay and Sagaing. The old one is with the railway, and the new one is good for sightseeing the Ayeyarwaddy river. 

Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda
Sone Oo Pone Nya Shin Pagoda

There is a waterfront in Sagaing where you can feel the cool breeze, the beautiful sunset among the hills. Sagaing’s night market is famous. 

Kaungmudaw Pagoda, is like an egg, built in the 17th century. Long and exquisite U Min Thone Ze Temple,Soon U Ponya Shin Paya are in the spotlight of Sagaing. Curving but charming lanes and long stairs are what most liked in Sagaing. 

U min Thonze Pagoda
Outside of U MIn Thonze Pagoda

Famous Mandalay 

Within an hour's reach, everyone can discover the attractive insights of Mandalay. U Pain Bridge (the world’s longest wooden bridge) is just 15 minutes drive away. Zaycho is 40 minutes drive, and Mandalay palace is a 55 minutes drive. Some people who love silence buy houses in Sagaing to rest from city life. 

Sagaing Bridge


Have you ever heard of Innwa city, and its tourist attractions? Innwa is a small town located in Sagaing Region, Myanmar. Although it is not as popular as some of the other attractions in the area, Innwa is well worth a visit. The town is home to a number of significant historical sites, including the ruins of the ancient capital of Innwa. Visitors can also explore the local market, which is a great place to buy souvenirs and try traditional food. If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, Innwa is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

“Me Nu’s brick monastery, Maha Aung May Bonzan monastery, Yadana Hsemme pagoda complex, many pagodas , the vibes of Upper Myanmar and Innwa fortress” are Innwa well known values. It can be said Innwa and Mandalay are separated by “Dotehtawaddy river” and Innwa and Sagaing by “Ayeyarwaddy river”.  A long time ago, before the bridges were built, people used to travel the river by boats. If you want to go to Innwa, it is ten minutes by motorbike and five minutes by boat, total time - fifteen minutes. 


Mingun is a small town located just north of Innwa in Sagaing, Myanmar. It is home to a number of unique attractions, including the world's largest unfinished pagoda and an enormous bell that is the second largest in the world. Mingun is also home to a number of temples and monasteries, making it a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims. The town can be easily reached by boat from Innwa, and it is well worth a visit for anyone interested in Myanmar's history and culture.

Instagrammable photos were mostly taken in Mingun’s Mya Thein Dan pagoda which is all white and awesome. Mingun bell, the second larget bell in the world, which weighs 55,555 viss, lion stone and Mingun Pahtodawgyi, an architectural massive construction and an unfinished stupa, are again remarkable trademarks of Mingun. What’s more, Myanmar‘s honored Buddhist monk was from Mingun known as “Mingun Sayadaw Phaya Gyi”. Mingun, located in western bank of the Ayeyarwaddy river, is forty minutes drive from Sagaing. Along the road, there is a ‘Kotaung “ village where “Kotauang monte (noodle)” originate from.

Mingun Pahtoedawgyi
Mingun Bell

There are Mingun hills and there is a saying” no one can find you if you hide in Minwun Mingun hills``. So, this is something else you should not miss on a  Mingun visit from Sagaing. 

Mya Thein Tan (Hsinbyeme Pagoda)
A View form Mya Thein Tan (Hsinbyeme Pagoda)

Upper Myanmar 

There are two ways splitted beyond Sagaing, one way to Shwebo city and one way to Monywa. To Shwebo, it is a four hours trip and Monywa, the capital of Sagaing, is about a five hours ride  (car or motorbike?). More than that, the capital of Kachin State, Myitkyina city, we must use the Sagaing-Shwebo road by train or  car. We can tour and sightsee the noble pagodas: Phowintaung caves, Thanboddhay pagoda, Bodhi Tataung and A Myint Village. 

Sheinmakar Monastery

Sheinmakar monastery is one of the historic  Buddhist monastery. It is at Wetlet,Sagaing region. Maybe an hour drive from Sagaing, there in the forest with stone caves, old religious buildings of ancient times and infrastructure. In conjunction with the village where Ayeyarwady dolphins graze. Many people make a tour to look for dolphins and ancient monasteries, both photogenic and significant. 

Entrance of Sheinmakar monastery

Sagaing and its general facts

Not like a big city, but a wide city, Sagaing is a relief to breathe to meet one content. Vegetables are much cheaper and fruits are plentiful. Different crops and Rice are grown and logan fruits are renowned as “Sagaing fruits”. Sagaing pots, rattan chairs and accessories are the reputable  handicrafts of Sagaing. Once you visit Mandalay, Sagaing is welcoming you to hang out and explore more, accessible to reach  famous places, I am sure your soul will like this Fascinating city, Sagaing.

Thanboddhay Paya
Laykyun setkyar Pagoda

Author : Khem Mo

January 3, 2022