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Indaw is a small town in northern Myanmar, in Katha district of Sagaing Region.In addition, it is very close to Kachin State in upper Myanmar. Furthermore, Indaw Township is also full of interesting facts such as local foods, attractive scenery, and some historical areas.

Entrance of Indaw
Entrance Indaw

What kind of delicious local foods we can get in Indaw?

There are various local foods in the lovely area of Indaw, Sagaing. Each meal has a distinct flavor and is good for you. It's reasonably priced, and the citizens of Indaw will never forget these meals when they leave the area. Among the various meals, the three most special items are:

-Indaw Nga-Kyi-Chin (pickled little big fish)

-Hainn paung (cooking some fresh vegetables or fish with steam)

-Hsan Tone Huu (cooking the powder of hard rice with a suitable amount of water)

Indaw Nga-Kyi-Chin (pickled little big fish)

This city in the Katha district has long been famous for the good quality of its pickled fish. Based on tiny and big fish, there are two types of pickled fish dishes in Indaw. Pickled big fish is very popular and more delicious than Nga-Kyi-Chin made with small fishes. The fish are pickled in a mixture of rice and fish, which is fermented for almost two or three days before being tightly wrapped in banana or inn's leaves. Nga-Kyi-Chin is also a great local present. 

Women Selling Nga-Kyi-Chin - Pickled Big Fish
Women Selling Nga-Kyi-Chin - Pickled Big Fish in Indaw, Sagaing
Nga-Kyi-Chin (pickled little big fish) - wrapped in Banana Leaves
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Hainn paung (cooked fresh vegetables or fish with steam)

Hainn paung is a kind of normal curry but it has a good taste and smells different than in other areas of Myanmar due to local Indaw cooking style and ingredients. At the first step, if we will start to cook this meal, the green vegetables that we want to eat and some ingredients will be collected. After that, the collected vegetables will be mixed with rice powder until its getting the tasty and has the right color. Then we include oil, salt, chicken powder, tomatoes and onion. Then, all ingredients are put on the cooking pot which is above other pot that steams. After 5 or 10 minutes, you can get the attractive smell and delicious meals. Unfortunately, it is easy to rot, and only lasts a day, therefore you cannot bring it home or give it as a gift. So make sure you try and taste Hainn paung when you visit Indaw. 

Hainn paung (cooked fresh vegetables or fish with steam)
Hainn paung (cooked fresh vegetables or fish with steam)
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Hsan Tone Huu (local name) (cooking the powder of hard rice with suitable amount of water)

This food is also real local food. Its taste and smell are very enticing to near cross-walkers. The predominant things of this food are Seam-Thone-Phuu (just local name) and rice noodles of Hsan Tone Huu. It is also a kind of snacks, not curry. It is easy to cook and cheap for local people. All local people are certainly fond of this local snack. If you would like to know some requirement information for making this snack, you can contact and ask any local one or can find the methods using internet. 

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Indaw Lake, Sagaing

Indaw Lake is situated about 2 km from Indaw town in Sagaing Division. It is also the 3rd largest lake of Myanmar and its wide is about 1975.71 Acres. But it is lesser-known area for other visitors. This lake brings and gives valuable good things to all local people throughout over many years. Most of local people depends on the lake for survival and relaxation. This lake’s environment and water is clean and green with a sense of fulfillment. You can check the natural beautiful view of lake in the following recorded photos. In addition, you can also find through the internet. It is the most significant lake of Indaw township and therefore you should go this attractive lake to feel the fresh air and natural environment. 

Indaw Lake, Sagaing
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  1. Man-Lae area of Indaw Township

It is also a historical and popular place for local and other travelers due to a famous Man-Lae Monk. Due to the glory and inherent ability of monk, this place is becoming famous. It is located about 4 miles apart from Indaw Township. This respectful monk died in 1282 of Myanmar year. After died, the dead body of monk is originally remaining without rotting until the present. But, in today, this dead body is covering with the liquid of gold. Due to the famous and qualified literatures and some outstanding ability, all local people are giving fully respects and valuable to monk. In that area, the monk’s body and valuable literatures are carefully maintaining. Therefore, if you will arrive here, you should visit and learn this historical area. In addition, there are still other interesting facts in that monastery. 

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  1. Other attractive packaging areas and interesting things 
  • famous Zalone taung pagoda in Bamauk township (almost 30 miles from Indaw)
  • lovely Ka-Du ethnicity, their customs and local lifestyles  around Indaw and Bamauk areas
  • other small attractive and interesting things in some local areas of Indaw (big woody boat made by only one tree in Ta-Kon-Tine village of Indaw, unforgettable traditional foods and something interesting news
  • Attractive Katha township with full of interesting things
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