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Introduction of Kalonehtar village

Kalonehtar village is located in Ye Phyu Township, Dawei District, Taninthryi region and Southern part of Myanmar. It is also surrounded by beautiful stream, river, waterfalls and mountains. The name of Kalonehtar village which represent Kayin ethnic of U Kaw La Hto family. Because of those family initially inhabited in this village about 200 years ago. Kalonehtar community-based tourism (CBT) site is initiated in February 16, 2019 with the support of International Trade Centre (ITC) and Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. The aim of CBT site is to improve local life by enhancing local tourism sector. 

How we can go

If we are from local of Dawei, we can go CBT site both motorbikes and cars. When we go to CBT site, we can feel beauty spot and the nature of environment along the road. The foreigners can go either with rental car or motorbike services or join Tour services of Local in Dawei. CBT site is situated near Dawei Economic Zone (DEZ) and also located border of Thailand. Foreigners can go CBT site from Htee Khee gate (Thailand Border gate). The duration of trip can take about 1 hour from Dawei, capital city of Tanintharyi region. We can go day trip to CBT site from Dawei.

What activities can do in Kalonehtar CBT?

 Kalonehtar CBT site can get breathless of scenery to the travelers and foreigners. At the CBT site, travelers and foreigners can do such activities as going around traditional medicines (herbage) garden, trekking across the green wood, eating lunch near the stream, doing some services at hot spring and visiting to souvenir shops to buy local products and drinking organic fruit juices.

Eating Lunch providing by CBT (Photo credit from Aung Kyaw Thet)

The places can visit in Kalonehtar  


Most of the people in Kalonehtar are Buddhism religious in village. This monastery is built in 1941 and the age of monastery is about 100 years. The monastery can be seen ancient Dawei architects, traditional and culture. Some of the travelers said that the architects of monastery are similar with monastery of Yaw region. CBT welcoming center is also situated at monastery. The travelers and foreigners can be learned and studied handcraft lamplights in monastery.

Kalonehtar Monastery (Photo credit from Aung Kyaw Thet)

Herbage garden 

Herbage garden is opened with the cooperation of Botany Department of Dawei University and villagers with the knowledges of plantation. Travelers and foreigners can study some of herbage in the garden with the explanation of local guide from CBT site. Some of plants in the garden can be used for beauty of face and body, to disappear for diseases of people and eat to get healthy life for people.

Studying Herbage in the Garden (Photo credit from Aung Kyaw Thet)

Hot spring

  Naturally hot spring is located Kalonehtar village since many years ago. The hot spring can be seen as three seasons and the water is hot every time. Local people in village and neighbor village believed that hot water has a power to disappear such diseases as arthritis. Travelers and foreigners can use bath room with hot water and foot spa services in hot spring. And then, they can buy organic coffee soaps, flower soaps and Tha Na Kha (Myanmar Traditional Foundation for face) in local souvenir shops by CBT site. And then people can go trekking to the greenwood and site seeing in the greenwood. At the greenwood, travelers and foreigners can listen bird songs to relax mind.

Foot Spa Service at Hot Spring (Photo credit from Thu Thu)

     Of course, Kalonehtar village is full of awesome natural resources and wildlife. Local people of village are also friendly and kindly to all of the people. If you enjoy to feel nature of local in Myanmar, I highly recommend to visit Kalonehtar village at least one time.

January 3, 2022