awei is a charming and peaceful town, one of the best destinations in Myanmarfor beach lovers who are looking for escaping the crowds. Dawei is home to many breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Crystal clear water, white sand, beautiful sunset, fresh sea air, and fresh seafood are highlights of Dawei beaches. On the Dawei peninsula, white sand beaches are easily accessible with a car or motorbike within an hour drive or less.


The Closest Beach to Dawei 

One of the most popular beaches in Dawei is Maungmagan Beach and it is the closest beach of the city with approximately 12 km distance, a 30-minute drive by car or scooter. It is the second oldest locally developed tourism beach established in Myanmar after Ngapali. The sand is a little bit darker and the water is not to the quality as the southern beaches of Dawei, Tanintharyi. However, the sunset is absolutely stunning and it’s a fantastic beach to go for a long walk and get fresh sea air. The beach is long and straight from the north to south and the pine trees along  the sandy shore are the signature of Maungmagan Beach. It has many restaurants and sunset bars where you can enjoy fresh seafood, and a cold beer. There are some hotels and guest-houses close by and visitors can stay overnight at the beach.

Maung Ma Gan Beach Photo Credit – Dawei Watch

A Beach in the Fishing Village

Tizit Beach is located further south of Dawei and it is approximately 34 km from Dawei about an hour drive by car or scooter. It is a beautiful secluded beach, with white sand and crystal clear water. The beach is quite easy to reach from Dawei. The beach is sheltered by majestic coastal mountains that end shortly before the last section to the beach with the fishing village. At the beach, you can swim and relax by enjoying beach scenery with local fishing boats. Moreover, it is a Community Based Tourism (CBT) village and you can have a new experience by joining the CBT programme; a chance to deep dive into local fishing livelihoods, combined with a warm home welcome, hands-on fishing experiences, and delicious local food. The beach has limited accommodation and only a day trip is comfortable for the visitor but you can taste delicious seafood at the small restaurants.

Tizit Beach

An Untouched Beach in Dawei

The Grandfather Beach is named by people after nearby grandfather hill; an old hill of the beach and in Burmese, it is called “Bo Bo Kyuk Beach”. It is a huge beach with crystal clear water, white sand and a lagoon. This makes Grandfather Beach to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Dawei. It is also known as a virgin beach because there is no hotel and restaurant at the beach, only a few shops to chill and eat. It is 71 km away from Dawei and takes 2 hours by car or scooter. The road condition is not good during the rainy season. It is a dream beach with clear turquoise waters and nothing around you except jungle and mountain. Grandfather beach is the best place to relax, do swimming, take photos and enjoy the nature of the beach.

The Grandfather Beach

A Beach with Adventure Activity

Sin Htauk Beach is located on the southern Dawei Peninsula. The distance between Dawei and Sin Htauk Beach is 71 km. First, you can reach Kyauk Twin village by car or scooter within 2 hours. Then, there are two ways to get to the beach; a mangrove path and a new soil road. If you select the mangrove path, you need to walk through the mangrove forest for 30 minutes. It is a fun adventure trip where you can learn about mangrove trees and mangrove creatures and listen to bird songs. At the end of the path, a sandy beach welcomes you with ecological bungalows  at the sandbank. Or if you choose the new soil road, the vehicle can access the bottom of the hill which is to the west of the village. There is a bungalow at the top of the hill with amazing sea views where you can stay over. Food is also available at the bungalows. Swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, watching the sunset and relaxing activities can be done at the beach. Sin Htauk Beach is a perfect beach for a family vacation and adventure lovers.

Sin Htauk Beach

The Most Peaceful Beach of Dawei Peninsula

Paradise Beach is a private beach surrounded by nature. It is 2.5 hours’ drive to the south and 69 km from Dawei. The road condition is worse than other beaches, the last 15 minutes of reaching the beach are along a twisting jungle track. Only a scooter can access this part and if you are not good at driving, it is better to do a trekking. The beach is so quiet and you can hear each sound of the wave clearly. The beach is clean and the sand is smoother than other beaches. Staying at Paradise beach is like living outside of the world because there is no wifi and very limited connection. There are simple ecological bungalows together with a restaurant where you can stay and eat. But the number of rooms is limited. This is one of the best relaxation places for people who are looking for a peaceful and private place for holidays.

Paradise Beach

October 8, 2021