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Edible Bird Nest from Myanmar

Edible bird nest is a high-value nutrition supplement that is obtained from the edible bird nest swiftlet. It is also known as the white-nest swiftlet which is a small bird of the swift family which is found in South-East Asia. Read more about this fascinating traditional food from Tanintharyi.

5 Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss in Dawei

On the Dawei peninsula, white sand beaches are easily accessible with a car or motorbike within an hour drive or less.

Amazing Mountain Views of Dawei

Taung Moe Taung Mountain is the easiest and simplest to reach for hiking within 17 minutes drive from Dawei with amazing views.

The Handicraft Couple from Dawei

Learn how the lamp and natural fabric dye handicraft couple from Dawei, Myanmar turned their hobby into a business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Street Vendor Life in Dawei during Covid & Crisis

Although street vendors play an important role in the local economy in Dawei, nowadays, their sales are down and they are facing a lot of challenges and also struggling very hard to survive due to the Covid and Crisis.