awei is a city in south-east Myanmar and is the capital of the Tanintharyi Region. Formally known as Tavoy, Dawei is an ancient region and is 30kms from the Andaman Sea. The city is about 614.3 km southeast of Yangon and its population is over 140,000. The town is surrounded by green mountains and Dawei peninsula.  Its white sand beaches and mountains are popular making it a site ideal for travelers who would like to have a nature experience.

A Mountain View in the Daytime (Photo Credit _ Kyaw Soe Latt)

Taung Moe Taung Mountain

One of the famous mountains in Dawei is called " Taung Moe Taung '' (literally "Taung Moe Mountain"). It is a popular tourist’s site in Dawei for its height, amazing views and surroundings. It is located on the way to Maung Ma Gan beach, in Taw Shi Village of Laung Lone Township. Its height is over 305 metres and the distance is 9 kilometers far from Dawei. It’s a serene place, used by monks and nuns to meditate and people often come there not only to visit but also to donate some items for the monks. 

A local young woman said “ I usually come there with my friends because I love to watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain. Although we feel a little bit tired while hiking, when we reach the top, the amazing views make us feel relaxed and give us positive energy to start a day. If you come to Dawei, this is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss”.

How to get there?

From Daiwei it takes about 17 minutes to get there by car or motorbike. Some go by bicycle which takes about 30 minutes to arrive at the bottom of the mountain. From the bottom to the top, it takes about an hour on foot.  A vehicle can access half of the mountain route and then the visitors have to walk to the top for about 30 minutes. This is the easiest to reach for hiking within 17 minutes drive from Dawei with amazing views.

Why is Taung Moe Taung Mountain  popular?

The mountain is famous for its amazing views. The view of the mountain ranges from a barren hillside with some plants. Along the ridge, the visitors can explore various kinds of plants like rubber, mangos and bamboo, etc, which cover the whole mountain while listening to the birds’ sounds. The closer the hiker gets to the top of the mountain, the more beautiful the scenery. When reaching the top of the mountain, you will be amazed by different views along with the greeting of fresh air. There is a pagoda called "Taung Moe Taung Pagoda '' and a monastery with monks at the top of the mountain. You can see Maung Ma Gan beach to the West, the opposite side, East is Dawei town. On some winter mornings, you can see the sea of clouds from there.

A Night View From the Top of the Mountain(Photo Credit_Chit Zwe)

What can we do on Taung Moe Taung Mountain ?

People come here for hiking, sightseeing, camping and relaxing in nature.The hiking time is about one hour from the bottom to the top. There is a convent and some religious buildings in the middle of the mountain called " A Lel Sa Khan" where visitors can relax for a while before hiking to the top of the mountain. Some travel by car and park  their vehicles at the A Lel Sa Khan and from there start hiking. The route from here is slightly steep and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the top. Taung Moe Taung is a wonderful place in Dawei where you can watch not only the sunset with the beach view but also the sunrise with the town view.  Young people prefer to go early in the morning to watch the sun rise while others come in the evening to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Moreover, bringing your own tent and go camping on the top of the mountain is also popular among young people and they enjoy the overview of Dawei town’s nightlife. 

Tips when visiting Taung Moe Taung Mountain


  • For a day trip, bring some bottles of water and snacks
  • A tent, solar lamp, jacket, food and water should be brought for overnight staying
  • There is a toilet in the monastery that can be used by the visitors 
  • As shops or other services are not available at all, prepare everything by yourself before hiking
  • The best time for hiking is the early morning and the evening before sunset  


  • Visitors are requested to dispose their garbage in an orderly manner
  • Loud noises, drinking alcohol and swearing bad words are not allowed while hiking because monks and nuns take meditation oftenly 
  • Hiking is not recommended for the rainy season because it is muddy and slippery in some places 

Additional Information

There is no entrance fee to visit there; visitors can donate money to the monastery if they wish. 

September 15, 2021