Introduction of Myeik Archipelago

Myeik archipelago is located in Tanintharyi region, Southern Myanmar and it is 556.57 km from Yangon (main economic city of Myanmar). It is surrounded by over 800 pristine islands, amazing coral reefs and beautiful beaches and the Andaman sea. You can visit Thein Daw Gyi pagoda, Shwe Thar Lyaung Statue and witness pearl production, royal pearl trading shop, lobster farm, crab farm, old colonial quarter and the marine life of the Moken people (Sea Gypsies who live in tiny villages, Mergui Archipelago) and their unique culture and local culture of ethnic groups. Myeik archipelago is also known as Kat Kyey Kite which is the spicy fried noodles and is the traditional food of Myeik. Most travelers and tourists travel to Myeik to visit the amazing Myeik archipelago.

Welcome To Myeik Mergui Archipelago (Photo Credit: Shar Htet)

Islands Trips in Myeik Archipelago

Myeik is an island hopping paradise and it is very popular for trips to Myeik Mergui archipelago. The average price of one island trip in Myeik archipelago is about 70,000 MMK or approximately 40 USD per one person. You can choose various island trips in the Myeik Mergui archipelago. Myeik has about 40 Tours that are day Tours, multi day Tours, Eco Tours, Myanmar Tours (Example: Life seeing Tours, Jade Flower Travel, Moe Travel and Tour). In early 2022, I joined the I Travello Travel and Tour according to the good reviews of other people and also a well organized tour. 

I chose the three island package among many day trips which includes Kyal Leik island, Smart island and Bailey island. Because I can experience the different island vibes of top destinations, sightseeing coral reefs, soft white sand beaches and pebble beach and many activities can be done in these wonderful places. The price for a full day tour is 200,000 MMK or approximately 110 USD per one. The prices will vary according to seasonality like public holidays but I think the price is reasonable for the trip. The best time to visit the island is from October to April (Dry season). The other travelers visit some famous places which are Harris island, Thamee Hla island, Marcus island, the north east side of Dome waterfall, Dome island and the fishing village and small villages of sea gypsies. 

What Activities can you Do on the Three Islands trip?

The trip will start at 7:30 am from Myeik’s Seik Nge jetty to the islands. When you go on a trip, you should put sunscreen on your body for maintaining your skin, wear sunglasses and a hat and wear a comfortable shirt, dress and shoes or sandals. If you are allergic to seafood, you should tell the tour operator early. You have over 1 hour to relax on each pristine island. The breathtaking views of Myeik archipelago offer me a longer stay and some adventurous activities and then I am also excited for the next island.

Kyal Leik Island

Firstly, we go to the Kyal Leik island which is located 68 water miles from Myeik and the journey will take about 2 hours. It is  known as the virgin island of Mergui Archipelago and the top attractions of the island are the soft white sand of the long beach and pristine waters. The moment you set foot on the island, your toes can savor soft white sand and crystal blue water and then you can touch the fresh sea breeze. At the island, you can swim, sunbathe your body, walk along the shore, take photos and relax. If you are looking for a fun and exciting experience, you can do snorkeling near the island because of limited time you should discuss with the Tour guide before the trip. You can take a marine guide if you cannot swim and then wear life jackets and snorkeling gear while snorkeling because you cannot know the depth of sea water.

View of Kyal Leik Island (Photo Credit : I Travello)

Bailey Island

The second island of the trip is Bailey island and it is situated 69 water miles from the most western part of Myeik. Bailey Island has a restaurant, bathroom for refreshing bath and restroom and therefore, is a popular destination for both day-trippers and those who are looking for overnight stays. The visitors can enjoy seafood and vegetarian lunch, soft drinks, fresh water supplies and other meals which are provided by the Tour operator. Sometimes you can see a  fishing boat of Moken people near the island and you can watch the daily lives of sea gypsies. And then, you can do water sport activities which are kayaking with a transparent glass boat or a banana boat in blue sea water and diving, swimming in crystal clear water. You can also take a photo at a swing and a log cabin with the staircase. You can relax sombrilla along the beach and you can enjoy sunbathing. After relaxing on the islands, you can discover an underwater world by snorkeling. At the snorkeling site, you can sightsee many untouched coral reefs which are staghorn coral, leaf coral, bubble coral and sea whip. And then you can see sea urchins, Nemo fish (clownfish) and colorful fish species like blue, black, yellow and orange. 

Snorkeling Site in Bailey Island(Photo Credit : I Travello)

Smart Island 

The final island is Smart Island or Parpantkyun which is popular for its pebble beach and it also has a white sand beach on the other side. The two beaches are connected by forest, you can go trekking and listen to bird songs while trekking in the forest. Large limestone rock formations or rocky headlands on the beach attract people who are photogenic to take photos. At some places, you must be careful walking on slippery rocks. Along the different beaches of the island, you can swim, relax, play with waves and  dive in crystal water. The sand beach side allows you to play football with your family or friends. However, please do not pick up pebbles from the beach because they can damage our islands' natural beauty! 

Pebble Beach Side(Photo: Shutterstock)
Limestone Rock on White Beach (Photo : Shutterstock)

You  arrive back at Myeik township around 5 PM or if you want to come back early, you can ask your tour guide. When you travel back, you can view the sunset or pass beautiful mangrove forests somewhere from the speedboat. Then, the tour will take you to visit the Shwe Thar Lyaung Statue which is a large reclining Buddha statue at the strand. The trip will end here and you can relax at the hotel.

How to get Myeik 

From Yangon (major city and former capital of Myanmar), you can go by express or fly by plane. Planes have two classes as standard and economy, and Express Buses also have VIP and aircon cars, you can choose depending on your budget. It will take about 17 hours by express car and about 1 hour by plane.

From Kawthaung (the southern  port town close to Thailand), you can go by plane, Express car and minivan. It can take 10 hour to 12 hour from Kawthaung to Myeik by Express car or minivan depending on the driver and weather conditions. The duration will take about 45 minutes to arrive at Myeik by plane. If you don’t want to arrange the trip, you can choose the suitable package of Myeik Tour services. 

In summary, Myeik archipelago, Southern end Myanmar is full of amazing islands and the best place for island hopping. If you visit Myeik, you must visit the above-mentioned islands to get different moods from each destination, avoid crowded downtown pollution and get energy for your days. 

May 6, 2022