ntroduction of Tizit Village

Tizit village is located in Launglone Township, Dawei District, Tanintharyi region. It is about 20 miles or approximately 32.1 km from Dawei. Tizit village is surrounded by mountains, beaches and waterfalls. It is also a fisherman village and full of natural scenery. The village was established about 200 years ago, it has about 600 households and its population is around  3500. In Tizit Village, 60% of villagers work  in the fishery, the other people are  gardeners and temporary  migrant workers in Thailand and Malaysia. 

View of Tizit Beach

Photo Credit: @Peter Richards

How to get Tizit Village  

You can go to Tizit village by motorbikes or cars, rental cars service and tour service in Dawei. It takes about 1 hour from Dawei to Tizit Village. When you go to Tizit Village, you can see oil-palm  plantations and you must drive and pass mountain roads. At that time, you can see the whole village of Tizit and the view of amazing beaches. When you reach the beginning of the village, you can see Tizit waterfall beside the road where you can swim and relax, especially in the  rainy season. At the waterfall you can swim and relax. 

Mountain Road of Tizit Village

Photo Credit: @Thu Thu

Tizit Waterfall (Photo Credit: @Pa )

What you can do in Tizit

Tizit village has two beaches, these are Tizit Beach which is located in the center of village and Phoe La Mon Beach which is situated at the edge of the village. These are beautiful beaches, with white sands and blue water. The beaches are sheltered by majestic coastal mountains that end shortly before the last section to the beach with the fishing village. At the beach, you can swim and relax by enjoying the beach scenery with a local fishing boat. Phoe La Mon Beach has restaurants so you can eat fresh seafood and coconut drinks. In the village, there are two monasteries and a Community Based Tourism (CBT) welcoming center. You can explore fishermen's lifestyle through the Tizit re fishermens lifestyle “explo Community Based Tourism (CBT) program.

Fishermen’s Boats at Tizit Beach

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Enjoy Tizit CBT’s activities 

Community Based Tourism is to do, learn, and feel by yourself and share other people your experiences. In Tizit CBT, you can learn a chance to deep dive into local fishing livelihoods, combined with a warm home welcome, hands-on fishing experiences and delicious local food. If you join Tizit (CBT), the members of Community Based Tourismwarmly welcome you at CBT welcoming center. Local people how to use local fishing gear from low to high tide at CBT  Fishers’ Greeting Gallery. They cater visitors and tourists with Dawei traditional snacks. You can study the architecture and history of  a classic home and you can wear Dawei Traditional Longyi and then you can take photos. The member of CBT explains about Do’s and Don’ts along the trip in Tizit CBT.

Welcoming with Local Snacks

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CBT Coordinator Explains about CBT Trip

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Do’s and Don’ts 

  • You need to take a hat or umbrella to protect yourself from the blazing sun. 
  • You should wear comfortable shoes.
  • To be careful, you can accidently harm your hands when you do “Hands-on Fishers’ Life experience”.
  • If you require something, you can ask the CBT Guide. 
  • You should not swim near the rock in the sea because you can be injured . 
  • You don’t throw plastics and trash along the beach and into the sea.
  • Respect community culture and tradition
  • Tell your guide or CBT coordinator in advance if you have allergies with seafood

Locals explain how to do Hands-on experience with Local Fishing Gears

 Photo Credit: @Peter Richards

And then  you continue to do activities  according to the (CBT) program. You can walk about  10 mins to reach a place locally known as Crab Field to do “Hands-on Fishers’ Life experience” , that is you can catch fishes, crabs and clams. You can do about 15 mins Hands-on experience. After that you go to the beach and you can relax and you can see the sea view, the fisherman's life and white sands along the beach. You can swim in the crystal blue  sea and take photos at the beach. Tizit Community Based Tourism (CBT) caters  Grandma’s Recipes, special seafood and fruits for dinner. You will eat dinner like a beach picnic. When eating dinner, you will see the sunset view at the beach. The Community Based Tourism (CBT) program is a day trip and the program ends with eating dinner at the beach.

To Do Hands-on Experience ( Photo Credit: @Peter Richards)

I strongly recommend Tizit village as the must visit place for you when you reach Dawei. You can easily go by car or motorbike from Dawei. At Tizit Village you can witness the fisherman’s life, you can mesmerize the beautiful scene of beaches and you can learn about Tizit Village and local ways of life by joining the TizitCBT. 

Dinner at the Beach as a picnic

 Photo Credit: @Peter Richards

Sunset View of Tizit Beach

 Photo Credit: @Peter Richards

You can watch Tizit short videos in below;

short video of Tizit beach 

Tizit waterfall 

Scenery of Tizit village

April 10, 2022