Introduction of Tanintharyi Region

Tanintharyi region is located in the most southern part of Myanmar which is a neighboring region of Thailand. It is situated along the coastline and surrounded by the Adaman blue sea and has almost 800 islands. The region is full of natural scenery such as beaches, islands, waterfalls, hot springs, mountains, plenty of historical places, heritages, religious temples and pagodas, and maintaining of ethnical traditions and cultures.The capital city of Tanintharyi region is Dawei township and the other important townships are Myeik (Mergui Archipelago) and Kawthaung which is the entry port of Thailand.

Hot Springs in Tanintharyi Region

Most people know Tanintharyi as a coastal and beach region. However, Tanintharyi is a wonderland for nature lovers as it is full of natural resources like pearls, bronze, and gas.  The nesting houses of birds can mostly be found here in Tanintharyi Region. The birds eat tubers and their nesting houses are located near the sea and along the coast. People eat edible bird nests for nutrition and to be healthy. Tanintharyi region also has natural hot springs and the water is warm and hot in every season. Tanintharyi hot springs are heated groundwater which is of high temperature water. Local people believe that the water of hot springs can be good for our body, relax our muscles and can heal neuralgia. I want to mention four popular natural hot springs among local people in the different areas of the Tanintharyi region.

Maungmagan Hot Spring, Launglon  

You drive about 30 minutes from Dawei to Maungmagan hot spring by motorbike or car. Local people go to Maungmagan hot springs on the public holidays and weekends or when they come back from Maungmagan beach (which is the second longest beach in Myanmar) to wash their body. It has three hot springs and they look like a pool. Local people have made brick walls around the hot springs for the safety of visitors. The largest pool at Maungmagan hot spring is the hottest and you can use it to wash your face, hands and legs. The other pools are reasonable for washing your hair and bathing your body. 

The entry fee of hot springs is 100 kyats for one person. You can use bathroom service at the hot spring and the charge is 500 Kyats for one. The private bathroom is directly channeled from hot springs water through a piping system and you can use it for no limit time for bathing and soaking in warm water.  Don’t forget to buy seafood from street vendors near the hot spring. You should try the street foods such as Dawei Mote Latt Thouk, Mote Phat with vegetable salad, sticky rice, fried dried clams and coconut juice or you can eat curry, salads and fried with fresh seafood at the restaurants in the hot spring.

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Photos of Maungmagan Hot Spring

Traveling to Dawei 

Two of Maungmagan Hot Springs (Photo Credit: Kyaw Min Thu)

The Entrance of Maungmagan Hot Springs (Photo Credit: Kyaw Min Thu)

Kalonehtar Hot Spring, Yebyu 

Kalonehtar hot spring is located about 25 Kilometers away from Dawei city and the duration of the trip takes about 1 hour. Kalonehtar village isn't well known by most people because of poor transportation. But the village became a tourist destination in recent years. Kalonehtar village is surrounded by greenwood, stream, waterfall and hot spring and it is always full of natural scenery. Kalonehtar village has two hot springs and the temperatures of the hot springs are not the same. At the creek, you can use a foot spa where you soak your legs into the pebble underwater and a few minutes later, your legs will be warm and hot. 

 You can use bathroom and foot spa services and the entry fee is 1000 Kyats for locals and 3000 Kyats for foreigners. Community Based Tourism (CBT) is implemented in the village and you can join CBT to deeply know local people's lifestyle, traditions and culture. But if you joined the CBT, you don’t need to pay for the fees of usages of foot spa and bathroom services. By joining CBT, You should try fried vegetables and organic juices and these can be available in Kalonehtar village and you can buy some local products and handicrafts from souvenirs shops.

Local people and visitors promote Kalonethar CBT which also includes hot springs services. 

Short Video of Kalonehtar village

Entrance Photo of Kalonehtar Hot Spring

 Foot Spa Services at Kalonehtar Hot Springs (Photo Credit: Peter Richards)

Soaking in Kalonehtar Creek  (Photo Credit: Peter Richard)

Pae or Pae Dak Hot Spring, Thayetchaung  

Pae hot spring is approximately 104.6 Kilometers away from Dawei and you will drive about 11.27 Kilometers from the brand road of Dawei Myeik highway to Pae Dak village along a dirt road. You can see the Karen village, with lovely styles of bamboo and wooden houses and their livelihood near the hot spring. When you arrive at the hot spring, you can enjoy walking on the suspension bridge and peacock blue water in the stream because of the surrounding mountains and forest. 

The hot springs areas also have a monastery, buddha statue and pagoda. You don’t need to pay the entry fees for hot springs and you can donate as much as you wish to the monastery.  Hot springs look like streams, evaporate and squirt water in hot springs. You can use hot water for cooking instant noodles, instant coffee and instant tea. You shouldn't clean and wash your body because of the high temperature of hot spring water. You can relax on the rock near the hot spring or rest near the stream. Hot springs have one rule which is that you are not allowed to take any meat to avoid water pollution.You can watch Short video of Pae Hot Spring on social media.

Evaporating water in  Pae Hot Spring (Photo Credit: Phone Wa Lone)

Maliwan Hot Spring or Aung Thapyay Hot Spring, Kawthaung

Aung Thapyay hot spring is located in Maliwan village, Kawthaung Township and it is also called Maliwan hot spring.You can go by motorbike, rental car, Tuk Tuk and Tour services in Kawthaung to Maliwan hot spring. It is situated about 40 km to the north of Kawthaung and the duration takes about 2 hours. The entry fee is 1000 Kyats for Ladies and Gentlemen and 500 Kyats for children. At the hot springs, you can experience 3 different temperatures of hot springs which are described as 40 Degree Celsius, 45 Degree Celsius and 55 Degree Celsius with recreation of foot spa services with the domes. You should firstly try 40 Degree Celsius for soaking  your legs and then you can try the other temperatures. It also has a small hot spring like a hole  for boiling eggs.

 By driving about 15 minutes by car or motorbike, you can  see the Maliwan waterfall. There you can go swimming, kayaking and diving in a waterfall. After that, you can enter restaurants with Thai foods, Indian foods, Chinese foods and Burmese foods .When you go back home, you can buy famous Pashu shrimp paste  and visit the Palone Tone Tone wooden bridge along the road. 

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Photos of Maliwan Hot Springs

Blog of trip to Kawthaung 

Foot Spa Service in Maliwan  Hot Spring (Photo Credit: Kyaw Han)

Tanintharyi region is the best place for nature lovers as it has many tourism destinations. If you visit the Tanintharyi region, you should go to hot springs to get good blood circulation,  relax your body and get good skin.When you relax your body  by enjoying nature at hot springs, you can calm your mind and then lose stress from something else.

Information of Natural Hot Springs in Tanintharyi

Name of Hot Springs Distance Duration Entry Fees Road Condition
Maungmagan 12km 30minutes from Dawei 100 kyats Good
Kalonehtar 25km 1 hour from Dawei 1000-3000 kyats Fair
Pae or Pae Dak Approximately 115km 2 hours from Dawei - Fair
Aung Tha Pyay or Maliwan 40km 1 hour and 30 minutes from Kawthaung 500-1000 kyats Good
April 1, 2022