awei city is located in a wonderful natural area and has many tourist attractions. It is the capital of Tanintharyi, located in Southern Myanmar (previously called Burma). In the Dawei district, people can do many activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, trekking, and hiking. Dawei is surrounded by mountains and is a great place to go hiking, camping, and doing some sports activities there. Hiking in mountains is good for our heart and mental health. At the highest peak of the mountains, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of clouds and the sea, as well as views of the whole village and townships and the Andaman Sea. The best season for hiking in Dawei is during the cold season, which is from October to February.

7 Amazing Hiking Mountains in Dawei

Dawei is a welcoming district and there are various activities to do in amazing places. You should always include visiting the mountains while you are staying in Dawei. You will be tired while hiking on Dawei mountain but you will see wonderful nature scenes to relieve stress and get energy for the next few days. Along the Tenasserim coast, the best mountains for hiking and camping will be described in this article. These mountains are popular among local people because they have beautiful views, are suitable for camping, and have some adventure activities for youth. 

1. Sabar Mountain

Sabar mountain is located in the eastern part of Dawei and is about a 20 minute drive along the Dawei-Myeik highway road. Sabar mountain is also represented by locals as east Popa mountain (Popa is dormant volcano which is situated in the central part of Myanmar). This mountain is also suitable for older people to hike on. The road of the mountain is smooth, and the distance from the foot to the top of the mountain is about 3.2 kilometres. You will see many pagodas on the mountain, as well as a view of the Dawei river and the gravestone of famous Dawei painting artist U Ngwe Gaing  along the road. It is also a famous place for meditation of Buddhists. There are two starting points for hiking, the Taung Pwa monastery and the Shwe Thar Lyaung Statue (reclining Buddha Statue). Near the statue, there are street vendors, and you can get fresh seasonal fruits of Durian, pineapple, mangosteen, and fungal and some traditional snacks of durian jam, pineapple jam, Mote Phat with vegetable salad, and traditional Dawei Mote Latt Thouk. When the weather is fine, it is a nice place for locals to sell food and it is also full of visitors here.

Sabar Mountain (Photo Credit: Anthony Thet Paing)
View of Sabar Mountain (Photo Credit: Anthony Thet Paing)

2. Taung Moe Taung

Taung Moe Taung is about a 30 minutes drive from Dawei. It is located on the Dawei-Maungmagan beach road. The road can be accessed by motorbike and car, but you cannot reach the top of the mountain; you can only get to the monastery. Then, you can continue hiking to the mountain. At the top of the mountain, you can see the amazing view of Maungmagan and its beach. You can camp here but you must buy some snacks and drinks on the road. Some people visit the monastery and pagoda at the mountain to give donations. Sometimes, it has mountain bikers challenging their skills. Along the mountain road, you can hear bird songs and see some valuable trees in the forest.

Night View of Dawei City from Taung Moe Taung Mountain (Photo Credit: Ohnmar Soe)
Night View from Taung Moe Taung (Photo Credit: Ohnmar Soe)

3. Myint Mo Latt Khat Mountain

Myint Mo Latt Khat mountain is situated in San Hlan village. The foot of the mountain is near the welcoming Sign Board of the village. The road is steady and leads to the top of one of the highest mountains of Dawei. You should wear a comfortable dress, hat, and shoes and then take drinking water for a hiking trip. Therefore, the best time for hiking is from October to February because the weather is cold and dry during this time. The hiking time takes about 2 hours. On the mountain road, you can see some animals like monkeys and squirrels, and people also take some food for them. When you reach the top, you see the Dawei peninsula where people are making dried fish, Moscos island, and the whole village of San Hlan. In the winter and summer times, a few people are camping. When going down, don’t forget to take all of your trash and throw it into the designated waste disposal bins to protect our fresh and green environment.

San Hlan village view from Myint Mo Latt Khat Mountain (Photo Credit: U Thein Soe)

4. Kanan Mountain

Kanan Mountain is located in Kyauk Htauk village, north of Dawei. It can be reached through two roads. The first road is the Dawei-Yebyu highway, which turns right at the village. The other road is the old town of Dawei road, which is accessible to the Kyauk Htauk village as well. In the early times, the name of the mountain was Wimithaka mountain and as time passed many years, the name became Ka Nan mountain.

There is a sitting Buddha Statue on the mountain. This sitting Buddha was referred to as 'Hawai' of the Mon language at that time which became the name of the Tavoy people. Now, people know it as Dawei, so it is a historical mountain for locals because the name of Dawei is derived from this mountain. The mountain's road is 2300 metres, and it takes about thirty minutes for hiking. On the top, people can see the Dawei river estuary, farms, and the beautiful view of Dawei town. Some people visit the historical pagoda of Shinmataw having the enshrinement of Buddha’s hair at the mountain, but it is also a nice place to take photos, relax and chill out with friends in the spring and summer.

View of Ka Nan Mountain (Photo Credit: Linn Tun)
Buddha Statues and beautiful view from the mountain (Photo Credit: Lin Htun)

5. Yay Kan Taung

Yay Kan Taung is located in Kan Pauk township, Tanintharyi region. It is 87.5 kilometres from downtown Dawei. In early 2019, this mountain became popular among mountain lovers. In the past, it was not well known because of poor transportation. The mountain is situated at approximately 870 metres above sea level. The motorbike can reach only half of the mountain, and then you must walk the forest road. 

The mountain is surrounded by a water reservoir which was built by locals and the British during colonial times. The reservoir existed 160 years ago. This reservoir is the heart of local people for it is the water supply to households, cleansing of bronze in the mining industry of this area. The mountain has some adventurous places; people must go along the length of an 8.05 kilometres pipeline which exists near the precipice, cliff and also has narrow and steady mountain roads. Most travelers go hiking in the mountain for a night trip. On a trip, people stay in a camp, taking together some fast food. When you reach the top, you can get  fresh air, a wonderful view of the reservoir and Dawei mountain for relaxation. In a tourism boom season, lots of women are selling foods and drinks along the road.

The viewpoint of Yay Kan Taung (Photo Credit:  U Kawi)

6. Htin Shue Taung or Pine Mountain

Htin Shue Taung is situated in Metta township which is on Dawei-Htee Khee road (border gate of Thailand). It takes over two hours from downtown Dawei to get to the start of the mountain. You can go by motorbike, but the road is not easy. When you reach the motorbike stop, you must go hiking along the road. At the beginning of the hiking trip, you will see a pine forest, a range of hills, and residues of administrative buildings during colonial times along the road. The height is about 1130 metres and you can see the beautiful mountain ranges. If you go camping, you can watch the sea clouds before the sun rises. The trip takes a lot of time,  but you can get fresh air and view amazing scenery during the hiking trip. You must avoid cutting down pine trees along the road to sustain our town's nature.

Surrounding Mountains view from pipe mountain (Photo Credit:  U Kawi)

7. A Pan Phay Mountain

A Pan Phay Mountain is located in Shin Mokhtee village, Thayetchaung township. It is suitable for hiking for older people who want to go on a short trip. The mountain road is good, and you can go by car, bicycle, and bike. The distance of the mountain road is about 4.4 kilometres and takes 45 minutes to hike. You will see betel, mango, and durian trees along the road. There is Pyi Lone Chan Thar pagoda and Buddha Statue sheltered by dragons on the mountain. You will see the beautiful scenery of green farms, Dawei river, and famous Shin Taunt Po pagoda from the viewpoint. You can watch the sunset and can take photos from here because the mountain is just 28 kilometres from downtown and you will drive for about 30 minutes. If you want to take a short trip downtown, this mountain will be a great choice for you. 

Seeing Shin Taung Po mountain from the viewpoint (Photo Credit: U Kawi)

Dawei is a natural paradise and has many special activities that include beach hopping, waterfall trekking, hiking in mountains and boat trip to the islands. In Dawei, going hiking is a must-try activity because it has many famous mountains. Hiking is a good way to improve our health with a whole-body workout. If you explore hiking in the mountains, it will give you a special feeling and an unforgettable memory of your life.

Tips for hiking in Dawei


  • Take drinking water, snacks and wear hats for a day trip.
  • Bring a shelter, sweater, flashlight and some fast foods for a night trip.
  • Should take everything you need because shops are not available in some mountains.
  • Hike in the early morning (4:00 AM to 6:00 AM) and evening (4:00 PM) to view sunrise and sunset.


  • Avoid making loud noises and drinking alcohol because monks and some older people often meditate on the mountain. 
  • Take your waste disposal and throw it systematically in the bins to be beautiful in nature.
  • Avoid cutting some valuable trees on the mountain road to sustain the environment.
  • Avoid hiking in the rainy season because the roads are slippery due to muddy.

You can watch the blogs of hiking in Dawei mountain below. All videos are credited from original owners.

October 3, 2022