Purpose of Youth Empowerment

Why Is Youth Empowerment Important? Young people have always been at the forefront of social change and progress. They are the ones who are innovating and creating new things that will shape the future. They are also one of society's main agents of economic development. Youth empowerment is crucial in order to continue this forward momentum. Then they can truly make a difference for their countries.

Youth empowerment is a process where young people are encouraged to take control of their lives. It is about providing young people with the skills, resources and opportunities they need to make a difference in their communities. Youth empowerment is also about supporting young people to have a voice in decisions that affect them. 

When young people are empowered, they can play a powerful role in promoting social change and economic development. Youth empowerment is an important issue because it helps to ensure that young people are given the chance to reach their full potential. Through this, long-term effects of youth empowerment may lead to a better perception of the youth sector towards education, poverty alleviation, and even crime reduction. By empowering the youth, we are giving them the tools they need to be successful adults who will make positive contributions to society.

Youth Empowerment Organizations in Myanmar

Youth empowerment programs have been gaining momentum in Myanmar in recent years and they're aimed at improving life for everyone in the country. In Myanmar, Covid-19 pandemic and its political situation has resulted in a prolonged period of school closures and stay-at-home orders. This has led to a rise in many  youth empowerment organizations, that are working to provide support and guidance to young people during these challenging times. These organizations have been instrumental in helping to keep young people engaged and motivated, and they have also played a vital role in providing access to education and career resources, offering financial assistance, and advocating for their rights. Through their work, these organizations are helping to ensure that the youth of Myanmar are well-equipped with knowledge development and educational activities to meet the challenges of the future. The following group is the most active and well-known youth empowerment organization in Myanmar.


MYEO stands for Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities and offers a mobile-based platform for youth in Myanmar to learn digital, soft and life skills they need for being ready for employment. This is all for free or at an affordable price and provides access to open positions for volunteering, scholarships, internships and jobs in the digital economy. MYEO has created a mobile-based online solution as Myanmar presents an encouraging opportunity on the adoption of mobile technology (+27 million people in the country use Facebook or Messenger). 

MYEO provides

  • Social media content - Free online content about digital, soft and life skills, opportunities for jobs, internships, volunteering and scholarships, quizzes to test youths' knowledge and live chats, and panel discussions with domain experts
  • Online training - Mobile-based online training on digital, soft and life skills, provided by a mix of an automated chatbot and human facilitation, to equip youth with the skills they need to become valuable members of workforce
  • Membership program - An affordable membership program in which youth have access to exclusive, curated content, accessible via automated chatbot, delivered multiple times a week, with access to premium content

Contact Detail - admin@mymyeo.com

Digital skills training for the youth
Digital skills training for the youth

Youths Empowering Youths in Myanmar

In Myanmar, young people are also taking the lead in empowering their peers. They understand the challenges that other youths face, such as limited sources of money, difficulty to access places, being residents in a war zone, or social barriers and other challanges. Therefore youth empowerment programs have been formed by the youths in order to help improve the quality of life for all youths in Myanmar. These groups provide financial assistance, educational resources, and mentorship programs. As a result of these efforts, youths in Myanmar are better equipped to deal with the challenges they face and are better able to lead successful and fulfilling lives and communities. The following are the youth empowering youth organizations in Myanmar. 

Peace Point Myanmar

PPM is a group of young people offering different kinds of empowerment training and opportunities for young people to develop their skills and bring changes to society. It operates programs mainly in northern and central Rakhine State, and Yangon, while PPM’s programs also actively bring diverse young people across the country. PPM provides human rights program, peace-building program, youth development program, research and advocacy program and humanitarian and development program. Youth development educational training programs are designed to empower, educate and gain confidence and creativity in youth in community work and for professional development.

 Youth development educational programs include

  • Leadership for Change Program - to empower youth and give confidence to the youth and strengthen their abilities to make a difference in their communities, identify innovative solutions to complex local problems, and bring changes through shared value-based leadership. 
  • Microsoft Applications Courses - to empower youth with the digital literacy capacity in order to help them in their career life and personal life
  • General English Classes - PPM offers free and quality Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, and Intermediate English Classes. Participants can develop speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. The classes also bring together youths from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  • The library projects - to offer education to those in vulnerable situations by offering fun activities and learning materials to all. The project helps young people and communities better understand the root causes of the conflict, drastically reduces anger and tension and encourages more moderate positions and promotes social cohesion. This allows more children to go to school and complete their education. At the same time, it improves the quality of education.

Contact Detail - (103), 1st floor, 123 Street (upper block), Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon, Myanmar, +959 262328772, peacepoint.ygn@gmail.com

Microsoft Applications Courses
Microsoft Applications Courses
The library project
The library project

EduHub of Young Initiatives - EYI

EduHub of Young Initiatives is a non-profit youth-led organization devoted to empower and inspire the youths through a variety of community projects, low-cost online classes and study clubs, live events, knowledge-sharing seminars, and special consultation sessions. It aims to build a bridge between the volunteers and passionate individuals giving both parties a chance to display their voluntary work ethics and to encourage and advance the true potential and skills of the youths of Myanmar. 

EduHub’s activities are 

  • Volunteering Chances
  • Impactful Skill-Sharing Sections/Events/Workshops/Webinars
  • Beneficial Knowledge Sharing Sections for Youth Empowerment & Community Development
  • Scholarships & Internship Opportunities
  • Fun & Low-Cost Classes and Clubs
  • Donation Campaigns & Other Community Supports

Contact Detail - eyiteamofficial@gmail.com

Ctrl List

Ctrl List is a youth-led educational platform focusing on every sector related to youths such as scholarships, leadership, knowledge sharing, digital skills and opportunities. It is founded to become a part of our community development mainly in education to encourage youth empowerment and to promote knowledge and essential skills for all youths who are future leaders. It organizes webinars, knowledge-sharing sessions and events for the youth. It also actively shares scholarship opportunities for the youth. Ctrl List team continually describes youth empowerment opportunities, environmental issues, international educational scholarship programs, career developmental affairs, conducting inter-cultural exchange workshops, youth exchanges and other similarities. It is one of the educational platforms in Myanmar which focus on all the youths of their mental, physical, educational and also career development.

Contact Detail - ctrllist.edu@gmail.com

Pathway Plus

Pathway Plus is a fully youth-led not-for-profit organization providing the following programs and services without any compensation:

  • One-on-one peer-to-peer study abroad consultation (PlusXGuidance: Consultation)
  • Proofreading for Essays/ Scholarship Letters/ Personal Statements and many more (PlusXGuidance: Proofreading)
  • Monthly industry talk series by inviting leading industry experts in the field (PlusXBeyond: Industry Talk)
  • Monthly peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing sessions (PlusXEngage)

Contact Detail - +95 9 254 012 625, info@pathwayplus.org

Better Youth Myanmar

BYM is a nonprofit humanitarian organization organized by youths from various fields. It is dedicated to the development of underdeveloped, misplaced and aimless youths. It has 3 main goals to accomplish such as better education, better environment and better health care. For a better education for the youth, it makes webinars, knowledge-sharing sessions and workshops to boost soft skills, leadership skills and personal development of the young people. For better environment, it shares knowledge about preserving the world's soil and resources and protecting natural wildlife including waste management, air pollution, flood, global warming and recycling waste materials. For better health care, it shares knowledge about physical and mental healthcare, basic first aid courses that every young person should know, and providing awareness about prevention of diseases such as dengue fever and HIV.

Contact Detail - +95 9 757 974712, betteryouthmyanmar@gmail.com

Better Youth Myanmar
Better Youth Myanmar

Importance of Youth Empowerment Programs

As a result, youth empowerment organizations are creating a healthier and higher quality of life for the future of Myanmar. These organizations are making ensuring that young people have the tools they need to succeed, and they're giving them the power to create change. Youth empowerment is therefore essential in order to create sustainable and inclusive development especially for the developing countries.

September 21, 2022