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Women and Youth

My Local Passion

My Local Passion is an online tourism platform that aims to inspire its readers with real-life stories about impressive women, hard-working youth, places where you can rejuvenate and businesses with a sustainable focus. We also promote Myanmar’s culture, ethnic traditions, tourist destinations, and small local businesses. We strive to create an accurate and balanced portrayal of Myanmar and its people. Learn more about My Local Passion here......
Women and Youth

What Myanmar Youth Are Doing in 2022

We have acknowledged that today's youth are the future leaders of tomorrow. Every country recognizes the importance of having a young, vibrant population. Let's take a look at Myanmar.
Women and Youth

How Myanmar Youth Can Protect the Environment

What can Myanmar youth do to help protect the environment and natural resources? Plenty! Let explore together.
Women and Youth

Youth Empowerment Organizations in Myanmar

Youth empowerment organizations have been formed in order to help improve the quality of life for all youths in Myanmar. These organizations provide financial assistance, educational resources, training and mentorship programs. Check this story out for youth empowerment programs in Myanmar……
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The best free online courses for youths

Wondering where to find free online classes for youths? Look no further! Our list of the best free online classes will help you learn new skills and broaden your knowledge base.