awthaung is located in Tanintharyi region in the southernmost part of Myanmar, (sometimes referred to as Burma). It is a significant commercial crossing between Thailand and Burma.  Ranaung is the easternmost point of Kawthaung, which lies on the border with Burma. Under the Colonial time of Myanmar, Kawthaung was known as the Victoria view point. The population of Kawthaung consists of Burmese, Karen, Mon, and Rakhine people, and the colorful cultural traditions and customs of those different communities can be seen in the town. Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism are the religions practiced by the residents. Local economy in this coastal hamlet is rubber, oil palm, betel nuts, and fisheries. Residents utilize both kyats (Myanmar currency) and Baht (Thai Currency). It is easy to change money for border crossing. Kawthaung is surrounded  by a beautiful blue sea, mountains, beaches, hot springs, and waterfalls. Many outdoor activities are organized around Kawthaung, especially between October and April.

View of Kawthaung  (Photo Credit : Kyaw Han)

My Favorite Places in Kawthaung

The coastal city of Kawthaung has several tourist attractions and interesting locations. The entire town is encircled by the Andaman Sea and Pan Chan River, which are separated by the Myanmar-Thailand border. There are many things to do in the township. In this article, I would like to highlight my favorite places in the city around Kawthaung.

1. Victoria Point or Bayinnaung Cape

Victoria Point is located on the southern tip of Myanmar at about 7 minutes away from downtown Kawthaung. The name of Victoria represents Queen Victoria of Britain during the colonial times of Myanmar. There are three statues at Victoria Point and each statue has a corresponding meaning. The statue of Angel hugging seven children represents the seven ethnic groups of Myanmar which are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. The second statue of a soldier riding a horse and an injured soldier delivering a letter to him symbolizes local individuals performing their duties (for example: respect law and human rights, participate in your local community and pay income and other taxes) in any scenario. The last statue depicts a grandfather telling his grandson about Burma's struggle for independence during British and Japanese administration and legislation. Today, the  location with the three statues is known as Bayinnaung (a famous former King of Myanmar) Cape. Southernmost Victoria Point has an amazing view of the Adaman sea which is my favorite view here.

View of Victoria Point 

2. Bayinnaung Park

The Bayinnaung statue is one of the most attractive parks in Kawthaung. Bayinnaung was an influential king of the Taungoo dynasty and he was a famous king of some countries of Southeast Asia. The park is located on a hill and a  golden statue of King Bayinnaung  is at the center of the park. On the way to the park, you can climb  555 Hill,  from here you have a panoramic view of the small border town of Kawthaung and Andaman Sea. The name of 555 hill means 555 feet high from sea level. You can also see the border town of Ranoug from the hill. The park is utilized by residents for working out, relaxing, and visiting with a lot of tourists. The Bayinnaung park is the best view to watch the neighboring country of Thailand and I really like to watch this view from the park so this place includes my favorite places.

Bayinnaung Statue 

3. Pyi Daw Aye Pagoda

Pyi Daw Aye pagoda is the golden Buddha temple located on the hilltop. It is not only a beautiful Burmese Buddha temple but there is also a wonderful view across town, the Kraburi River and the Thai mountains. The temple, which is situated in downtown Kawthaung on the Bogyoke Road is full of stalls with grilling foods, drinks and souvenir shops. Pyi Daw Aye pagoda is also a nice place to watch the sunrise and sunset views. Within the pagoda area, eight shrines which represent the days of the week surround the huge boddhi tree. The local people go to the pagoda to meditate and get peace of mind. The pagoda possesses the beautiful sea view from the pagoda and also gets peacefulness by praying to the pagoda for me, so I like it.

Picture of Pyi Daw Aye  pagoda(Photo Credit : Kyaw Han)

4. Myo Ma Market 

Kawthaung Myo Ma market is usually bustling with people. The Myo Ma Indoor Market in downtown Kawthaung has a rich variety of tastes and smells, which includes the scents of fish, meat, vegetables, and wet floors. Walking around the market, you can get anything from home products, electronics, toys and foodstuffs, as well as clothing and shoes. The different cultures of the region's many peoples can be discovered here. Burmese and Thai traditional cuisine may be found in Kawthaung Myo Ma market. I can get everything I need in Myo Ma market, therefore it has become my favorite place.

One of traditional food seller (Photo Credit: Kyaw Han)

5. 9 Mile beach or U Pain beach

U Pain beach is located 9 miles aways from Kawthaung and it can easily be reached by motorbike or car. U Pain beach is surrounded by a beautiful sandy beach, mangrove forests, rubber plantations, and freshwater streams with many bird varieties which can be seen on the south of U Pain Garden. You can go kayaking, play with the waves, and if you like watching birds, it is one the best places to visit in the area. It is also a great place to watch the daily life of rubber planters near U Pain garden. During the day, there will be two low tides, and you can go trekking along mangroves during low tide. After a day spent in the heat, you'll be delighted to sit on the long beach and gaze at the stunning sunset. During the holiday, U Pain beach is a nice place to have fun activities with my friends for day trips so it includes my favorite place list.

Bird watching activities at U Pain Garden (Photo Credit : Kyaw Han)

6. Palone Tone Tone 

Palu Village Bridge is a 400-meter long Wooden bridge that is ideal for photographs with a wooded backdrop and natural beauty. Palane Tone Tone island is a fantastic location to visit the Mergui Archipelago and is located five kilometers north of Kawthaung's city center. The town of Kawthaung and its island are linked by this long wooden bridge. The eastern part of the island is full of mangroves and on the western part you will find a pleasant sandy beach.  Recently, a concrete bridge was constructed here. There is fresh seafood and soft drinks available at the beach. To go to Palone Tone Tone, you may either rent your own motorbike or use a taxi; the charge is around 15,000 MMK. You can continuously go to the Maliwun waterfall and natural hot spring on the way. The golden sandy beach of Palone Tone Tone is one of the most attractive views for me and a must visit place.

7. Japan Beach

Japan beach is located in Sungebarline village, Kawthaung township, Tanintharyi region. The name of the Japanese beach refers to an ancient airport that is no longer in use. It is a beautiful natural beach and the length of the beach is over 6,000 feet. It is 50 miles away from Kawthaung and 35 water miles away if you go with a boat. You may observe breathtaking views of the sea, mountains, islands, and you can participate in watersports and interesting activities like kayaking, surfing, swimming, diving and trekking. Accessible islands from Japan beach include Lampi island, Kyun Phi lar, Jalan island, Hlaing Gu island, 115 island, Honeymoon Island, Horse Shoe Island and others. There are just a few of the many famous islands accessible by boat. It has a hilltop garden, restaurants that serve Thai, Chinese and European cuisine, there are also sightseeing boats, and lodges where you can stay overnight. Japan beach is my favorite beach in Kawthaung because it has a long bridge, sandy beach for relaxing and fresh seafood is welcomed. 

Long bridge at Japan beach (Photo Credit : Kyaw Han)

How To Get to Kawthaung

Buses and flights from Yangon provide access to Kawthaung. Flight services are sometimes delayed in the rainy season due to the weather. You can get from Yangon to Kawthaung by bus in about 17 hours. This will take you longer but you will save money. Alternatively you can travel to Kawthaung by air. This will take around 1 hour to get there and save you time. It does cost you more money if you travel by air. If you want to go by sea, you may take the trip from Dawei to Kawthaung and it will take 10 hours. From Ranaung (Thailand's border town), you can get to Kawthaung by boat in about 30 minutes.

Third mile Pagoda located near Kawthaung's Welcoming Sign Board

Kawthaung is a seaside community with plenty of tourism activities. It is also known as a Thai border town and the gateway to the Mergui Archipelago. If you want to see more of the city surrounding Kawthaung for day trips, I recommend to you my above favorites. These amazing locations are really special, and these will be a memorable journey for you. So take it off your travel list and add it to your itinerary for the next vacation.

August 14, 2022