Beaches are the windows for a fresh mind and healthy body. For me, they are also the best places to escape from a daily tight schedule. In Southeast  Asia, Myanmar is well known for its beautiful stunning beaches. Everybody who has been to Myanmar knows how Myanmar beaches are good for your holiday trip and relaxation. As we have waited to end a long pandemic time, we have to rest and discover fresh things to recover something new.

If you choose to relax, Myanmar beaches should be your first priority. It’s Time to unmask the masked or hidden Myanmar beaches in 2022.

Mergui Archipelago - Meet the Salone people

The beaches of the Mergui Archipelago  are a  perfect place for people who are looking for untouched beaches and unique tribal traditions. The Mergui beaches are situated at the southernmost part of Myanmar and the home of Moken people called Salone tribe. They are nomadic people and belong to the small ethnic minorities in Myanmar. They are also experts in swimming and diving and can stay underwater for a long time. There is the Salone Festival which is celebrated in February to promote tourism and to avoid bad luck. During the festival, popcorn, alcoholic drinks, honey, betel nuts, and the flesh and blood of ducks, chickens, etc are included. There are diving and rowing competitions and a traditional feast. One of their musical instruments is a drum made from monitor lizard (Varamas Spp.) skin. Another thing to see at the beaches of Mergui are the monkeys snacking on crabs on the coastlines of its beaches. To visit the secluded beaches, visitors can do island hopping in the Archipelago from Myeik and Kawthaung by trying to taste the local products.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Ngwe Saung Beach

It is one of the best beaches in Myanmar and is about 5 hours drive from Yangon. There is white sand and clear water throughout the long coastline. It is also a golden getaway for local people who usually visit there on the weekends. From the beach, you can visit the nearest islands called lovers’ island, bird island, Bugwe Kyun, etc. For me, visiting these islands makes me excited and happy. Besides, Snorkeling at the bird’s island is an unforgettable experience for me.  As it is also a romantic place for tourists, you can choose this place for your honeymoon. Besides, you can get fresh seafood at an affordable price and find the local products of Ngwe Saung. For the people who love to visit the unspoiled countryside, rent a bike and ride around the road surrounded by green trees and paddy fields. It is situated near Pathein of the Ayeyarwady Region.

Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar

Po Po Kyauk Beach

Po Po Kyauk Beach is situated at the Launglon Township, in Dawei District, in Tanintharyi Region. It is also called Grandfather Beach and is included in the lesser-known beaches of Myanmar. You can see the perfect spot during the sunrise and sunset time. Photographers’ favorite spot is Po Po Kyauk Beach. January, June, October, December are the best months to visit there. Visitors can stay in the budget accommodations which are locally owned. 

Pa Nyit

You can easily reach Pa Nyit Beach from Dawei City. It is shaped with stretches of pristine sand and clear water with a handful of fishing boats. Please take snacks and drinks with you so you can chill at Pa Nyit Beach. When you go back on your way, you can visit the CBT site at Kalonehtar village which is about one hour drive from Pa Nyit Beach.

Sa Sa Aw (Paradise Beach)

There is another beach which is only left to explore in Dawei Peninsula. This will be the best place for those who are looking for adventurous activities and fun activities. You can stay at the bamboo bungalows which are small and limited. Enjoy your stay with fresh seafood from Paradise. How to get there : https://www.mmtimes.com/lifestyle/20237-how-to-get-to-dawei-s-paradise-a-step-by-step-guide.html

Tizit Beach

Another famous beach is Tizit Beach which is easily accessible during the day ride from Dawei. It is a long, wide beach with white sand and a fishing village on the other side. At the end of the bay, you can climb the stairs to a pagoda. Visitors explore the beach by foot and have a glance at small glistening pagodas settled at the hills.

Tizit Beach, Myanmar

Maungmagan Beach

It is one of the significant beaches in Myanmar and is located around 12 km from Dawei. The name of the beach means “the beach where the emperor’s concubines bathe”. Although it is an untouched beach with a picturesque view, don’t expect luxury accommodation but you can taste fresh seafood at locally owned places. Furthermore, buy the local products who are proudly produced from the villagers.

Maungmagan Beach, Myanmar

San Maria Beach

It is one of the best beaches in the south and remains delightfully pretty. You can walk down to the ocean after passing the purple flowers and green vines. From San Maria Beach, it is just 5 minutes to Pa Nyit Beach. There are the Mawlaik Pagoda, San Maria Bay – Restaurant & Beach Club and other local restaurants. If you don’t have time to visit many beaches in Dawei, San Maria should be your scheduled beach.

San Maria Beach, Myanmar

Kantharyar Beach 

It is a pleasant beach in Gwa township 82 miles in the south from Ngapali beach. Kantharyar is a quiet and pristine beach rather than other well-known beaches. You can visit the surrounding islands and reefs. Although it is a less-developed one, it becomes popular among the tourists for its virgin beauty. Visitors can relax under the palm trees in the daytime and then you can have the campfire party at night with your loved ones.

If you are planning for your new year 2022 trip, I suggest you find and visit the hidden beaches of Myanmar where you can see the authentic nature and local products of Myanmar. Start your conversation with the local people by exploring the secrets at the Myanmar coastlines.

February 1, 2022